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This Saturday is the inaugural episode of our new Lost Arts Radio Q&A show. I have thought a long time about whether or not to do this. Basically it's small pieces of individual consulting with me. Normally, private appointments to look at this information on holistic health in relation to your own situation would cost money. But on this show, whatever I can share with you from the same body of timeless knowledge on natural laws is free for your use without charge. The reason I hesitated is that we will be connecting some dots on this show that are not intended to be understood by the public. If they were, certain other approaches to health would be more easily seen for what they are, and that is not supposed to happen, according to our controllers. But in the end, that is the reason I have to share as much of it as I can. My years of investigation started long ago, and I was after finding out how to reverse disease and "aging."  These things can be done, we're just not usually told about how to do it.

I didn't find any magic herb or potion to solve the problem. Instead, I discovered how some long-forgotten principles of how nature works can be used to overcome disease and often to also turn back the clock on what is called "aging."  It took me decades to put it together, and I am still working to take it to even deeper levels. But I can share ideas with you on this show that you may find can change your life for the better, if you have the courage and perseverance to really learn about them in depth, and then use them. This is not easy because it requires that you face your own programming that is keeping you functioning way below where you were meant to be, in all areas of your life. But for those willing to do the work, this is very real, and very powerful. It can make you not only healthier, but also much more effective in whatever you choose to do with your life.  The work is worth it for you, for those that care about you, and for the sake of those causes you are working for that are important to you. This can make you much more effective, your thinking much more clear, your immunity much more complete. How valuable is that, in the midst of all the challenges that face us every day?

So understand the change in show scheduling starting this weekend. The regular radio show has not changed time, but has moved over to Sunday night instead of Saturday (still 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern). This will allow us to premier this brand new call-in show Saturdays 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern, starting this weekend. On the new show, I will share holistic health knowledge with you directly, that you may find of great value. What I will be discussing with you is based on my research and experimentation of 50 years into the modern uses of ancient knowledge in health and consciousness.  I'm looking forward to talking with you on the new show, about the amazing power of the things I discovered all during this time, especially in the last 10 years or so, and how people have used this knowledge in real life health situations.

This will be powerful timeless knowledge, known to a few for thousands of years, that you can use (consult your own health care professional), that can radically improve your well being. Please understand that no medical advice will be offered, and no diagnosis, treatment or cure of any diseases. For those things, or for drugs, surgery or other benefits of modern medicine, please see your doctor.

Join me, your host Richard Sacks, every week for fascinating discussions, amazing guests and useful information that you will not want to miss, on our regular show now on Sundays. The Q&A direct call-in show to talk about natural health options will be Saturdays as described above.  If you want to support the work of Lost Arts Research Institute, please donate to our efforts at https://www.lostartsresearchinstitute.org, and tell others about the show. On the radio show website (https://www.lostartsradio.com) you will find links to the radio show archives, our articles, educational resources, announcements, and other features you will enjoy and learn from. Also on that site, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter, for additional information that goes out only to our newsletter subscribers. The new site, (https://www.lostartsresearchinstitute.org), will deal with the work and larger project of the research Institute, which we hope you will support with donations that are now 100% tax deductible. That is information we will get to talk about with you on the new Saturday morning radio show (8am Pacific / 11am Eastern).

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