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Lost Arts Radio Q&A Call-In Show #25 - 9/17/16

Call Us With Your Health Questions (Or Anything Else!)

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Saturdays at 11am EST / 8am PST

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For several months, I have been offering one on one private sessions, by phone or Skype, for a few listeners of Lost Arts Radio. We discuss how the special knowledge of health and consciousness, that we feature on our show, can be used in real life situations. I don't give medical advice (or diagnose, treat, manage or cure and disease or condition – for those things or anything medical, see your health professional). I share my experience and research of the last 50 years, and many have found this very helpful. Now we offer something similar, to callers on our Saturday show. The interactions are shorter, as other callers are trying to get through, but I hope I can still share some information and perspectives with each of you that will help you in some way. This information is meant to be shared and used. Private sessions are limited in availability, but the show is freely accessible to everyone.

Richard Sacks, Host

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