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About Us

About Lost Arts Radio

As Host of Lost Arts Radio, let me tell you where this project came from. I actually had no plans to do it, and was just carrying on my own research into deeper aspects and practical applications of health and consciousness. I had no public exposure at all, and no interest in ever being known. I was just focused on trying to find out the truth about a few issues that concerned me, such as what are the real underlying causes and cures for disease and what we call "aging" (both of which I felt were intrinsically abnormal), and what is our true nature and real potential, while we are living here on planet Earth.

I had not solved those issues yet, but I had some amazing experience and acquired some understanding of ancient knowledge and how to apply it in the present time, as I pursued my search for answers. I learned that what we experience here depends on what we think, say and do, and how close it is in harmony with some timeless laws of nature, which could also be seen as design principles, according to which our bodies and all we see around us has been built. It's similar to the idea that if you read and use the owner's manual of your car, especially a very fancy one that has to be maintained a certain way, then you will find out what it can really do. Otherwise it will break down a lot sooner.

Except our bodies are not cars that just break down and fall apart after a while, they are self-repairing, and every cell in them is intelligent and conscious. This might be laughed at by many trained in the modern version of science, but I found it to be true. Then I got into experimenting to find out how to apply the design principles I was discovering, and spent years of meticulous trial and error in that process. What I ended up with, and am still taking further, was so different than what is taught in higher education today and believed by the general public, I had no idea how to communicate it to be of any use to others. It had taken me decades to even start to understand and apply it (yes I agree I have been an incredibly slow learner and tried just about everything the wrong way first).

Then, for about the last 20 years of my work, I intentionally dug very deeply into what is going on in the economic and political power structure that is controlling our world. That study was just as amazing as my study of nature, but a lot less inspiring. I felt I had to know as much about the real human environment we are dealing with, to know if there might be any way what I had learned could make a positive contribution. To really get into this study of the power structure and its agendas, I had to learn to detach my emotional vulnerability from what I learned, in order to study it completely and not be negatively affected.

I found that most of the top power positions in government and its partner global corporations and banks are filled by people of highly malevolent intent. They are working in a larger power structure, orchestrated from above them, the goal of which is total destruction of all beauty and life in our world. The system provides motivation of sophisticated design for each level of those who serve it. At the upper levels, many of the rulers actually believe they will ultimately merge with super computers and become immortal. I'm not kidding. They are very sick, but they are deadly serious. Too terrible for most of the public to imagine.

I had already learned enough to know that the "become immortal by merging with computers" thing was not going to happen. But the total damage the rulers could cause on the way to their goals was something I did not want to see happen either. I knew that at the top levels, those in charge would not appreciate the message and information I had to spread. I could not figure out any way to do it without them stopping me. But there is another side, our positive allies, who do want this material exposed, and they have means to protect and help that are a lot stronger than the negative hierarchy can understand.

Then I got asked to help host a radio show on geoengineering (you may know it as "chemtrails"), and I felt I had to honor that request. So I participated in that show (GeoEngineeringWatch Radio) for a number of months. When that time for me was over, I was going to disappear again, and just at that time, I was asked to do a radio show on health. Again, I did not feel it would be right to refuse.

From the first show of Lost Arts Radio, it seemed that it was coming together on its own energy, and I was just trying to keep up. There were and still are so many signs that it was something that was supposed to happen. For what eventual reason or result, I still don't know. But the guests we kept having every week were, and still are, incredible. It is my great honor and privilege to even get to talk with these people, most of whom I would never have met.

Another sign for me that the show was supposed to happen was the appearance, at the perfect time, of our engineer and producer, Doug Diamond, without whom this show would not exist. Doug is an amazing person to work with, and the harmony that I have experienced in putting this show together, along with his absolutely essential top-level technical talent, is what gives the website and the show the quality they have today. Every week when you hear the sound and technical quality, great music, and smooth flow of the show content, and the elements of beauty and organization on this website, YouTube and MixCloud, Facebook, etc., that is Doug's work (, that I hope you appreciate.

So I don't know where this radio project is going, but it still has that feeling of running on its own high energy that I noticed the week we were first on the air. The content is spontaneous and real. I don't try to sound professional or the way I think a radio show host should sound. I just talk to you and to our guests, and the conversations are all real and unscripted. I might make a note of something I want to remember to talk about, but I don't write down what to say, that just happens, like when you talk to a friend and just say whatever you feel and what is on your mind.

I hope you like that approach, it's the only one I know that has any interest to me. I'm just here to share some of my experience and information with you, hoping it might be useful to you in some way, and trigger your own explanations to find the answers that feel right to you. I'm not asking you to agree with anything you hear from me, but to do what I am still doing every day, and that is find out for yourself whatever you really want to know. I'm just one of many resources you can draw from. Mostly I hope you believe in yourself, and get in touch with the amazing deeper levels of who you really are. Serving yourself by doing that will make you so much more effective at whatever you want to do, and so much more help to others, just by your example of what they can also do.

So that's it, Lost Arts Radio is here every week to share ideas and great guests with you, hoping to contribute ideas and information that you can use for all levels of your own health. I deeply appreciate your sharing the adventure with myself and Doug, as we do what we can to remember and become who we were always meant to be. Your only limits are what you believe, in your deep subconscious, that you cannot do. Otherwise, you will find a way. Let's encourage each other, and do it together.

Richard Sacks, host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and consultant