2/1/15 - The Situation On Superbowl Sunday

superbowl sundayThe streets are quiet early Sunday morning as I gaze up at a beautiful clear sky, sparkling from horizon to horizon, without a trace of clouds to be seen. Oh, except for those long white lines running across the entire sky. And those others that were laid down during the night that have now become a vague whitish mist, and I realize that the sky is not really blue, and hasn’t been, on most days in recent years, even when real clouds were absent. And I am reminded I am “not in Kansas anymore.” Chemtrails are a reality now that most people either assume are some weird shaped clouds or else they don’t even notice them at all. Quietly and serenely, the toxic spray residue falls to Earth with the blessing of scientists that have decided it is for our own good and to save the planet from climate change. Or did they say it’s all just a conspiracy theory and is not happening at all? Hard to remember which story I heard most recently.

So anyway, I notice my throat is feeling a little sore, maybe related to the spraying or maybe not. But no problem, I’ll just go down to the store and get something to make my throat healthy again. But then I remember, what am I thinking? That store’s shelves in the “health” isles are full of toxic chemicals that have warnings that they may hurt or kill me, but no worries they are all approved as safe. Besides, I can always go to the doctor and get some toxic chemicals to either take by mouth or get injected directly into my bloodstream. Sounds great, but I think I pass on that option too, for now.

So fine, I’ll leave my throat the way it is and head down to the restaurant to have breakfast. But then I realize that would be a really poor idea, unless I want to eat pancakes and other breakfast foods loaded with GMO’s and agricultural pesticides, some of which are provided by the company responsible for the tons of Agent Orange still causing birth defects in Vietnam.

Well I’m not that hungry anyway, plus I read that fasting is good for my health (well maybe not permanent fasting, but this is only one meal). I’ll just relax and turn on some inspiring or informative show on TV. After all there has to be something good on 600 channels, right? But when I start looking through what’s on, I get my choice of “news” that is all false propaganda, being read sincerely from teleprompters, with an air of authority by actors pretending to know that what they are reading is actually true. Or I can have a sitcom episode programmed to show me that modern men, women and children are total idiots with no concept or concern about real life or world events, completely wrapped up in various forms of petty nonsense, and that I am one of them. That’s why I need to trust all judgment to authorities who know better than I do how to run my life.

So in the end I have a glass of fluoridated water (shown to decrease brain capacity and damage bones and organs), go back to bed in my GMO cotton pajamas on my flame retardant mattress in the middle of a damaging EMF field of dirty electricity coming from the wall circuits, and drift off peacefully back to dreamland as my brand new smart meter pulses my body with deadly spikes of microwave energy and spies on the electric usage details in my home, so that I will remain safe. How can I maintain any sanity in this kind of situation, even in my dreams? Thank God for one of the biggest holidays of the year in America, the Superbowl.

The point is, Houston, that Spaceship Earth has a problem that needs to be fixed if we expect to continue this voyage intact, and the number of days until total meltdown of our vehicle and ourselves is unknown but surely slipping away. The Superbowl will inevitably end, and be replaced by a million other urgent distractions, but the looming menace in the background which most of us do our best not to feel, is still there.

At this point, we have come so far from our normal state, almost no one even remembers what it is. Forget the answers, almost no one even remembers the question. Is there any way back to even understanding what is actually going on, so we can really look for solutions that could help?

Given that the problems are not really simple, we can at least see that most of the health and environmental problems we face are clearly man-made. We have a tiny group of people in positions of control all over the world. The system we have makes it possible for a few thousand at the top (or less) to control billions of the rest of us. That tiny group, like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, gives the orders that come down through the power structure to governments and corporations that control our everyday lives, and assault us in many ways.

The planes flying all over the world these days dropping toxic metals and other poisons on us, damaging our health as well as poisoning the soil and water and all life on Earth, ruining the natural climate systems of our planet, that is happening because it is coordinated, funded and directed worldwide, from the top, just like most of the other man-made disasters unfolding before our eyes. We hear the ridiculous gibberish of the “scientists” and “experts” telling us either that it is not happening and is just a conspiracy theory, or that if it is happening, it is saving us from global warming, global cooling, or climate change, so we should not worry about it and keep shopping. Wal Mart has a killer sale running, only 12 hours left.

GMO’s and agricultural poisons are the same story. Again, the corrupt scientists and experts assure us it’s to save us from sure starvation if we were so silly as to try to grow our food without poison in it. But how dumb are we really? It’s another business model of death for profit. Not normal profit that supplies the incentive for healthy businesses, but the kind of profit that goes into the giant mega-corporations that give us destruction and take away all our other options. Free market capitalism, which has not been seen in America for a long time, is not to blame.

Likewise, the fake medical system that dispenses death and is now the number one documented cause of death in America above any single disease (see Gary Null’s “Death by Medicine” if you want the breakdown of statistics). This is not the fault of the medical personnel that have been trained in a system designed from the top to kill and kill profitably. The people who work in that system are mostly great people, with humanitarian motives. The psychological programming, especially through fear and arrogance, has done its job well, and few among us, especially among doctors, can imagine that the whole system is bogus. Yet except in certain limited areas, such as repairing people’s bodies in accidents and a few truly necessary surgeries, bogus is too good a word for what it really is.

Hippocrates was known as the Father of Medicine, but he said to let food be our medicine, and medicine be our food. Now instead of that, we get toxic chemicals misleadingly called “medicine,” cancer causing radiation and cytotoxic drugs called “chemotherapy,” and we even get the most disgusting and poisonous mixes of ingredients injected directly into our bloodstream to prevent disease. How dumb are we really? We couldn’t be falling for that now could we? Falling for it and dying in pain, yes we are, and Hippocrates with his real health wisdom is long forgotten.

And what of the governments violently murdering their own people? Do we remember that in the 20th century alone, governments murdered more than 260 million of their own people outside of war? Look up democide and the University of Hawaii, if you want the details. Did you really think Homeland Security and TSA were to keep you safe? Did you think the wide open southern border is just to make sure more nice people move in to get the economy straightened out?

Speaking of the economy in America, that is truly an interesting subject. America, like so many places on this beautiful planet, is incredibly rich in its natural resources, more than enough to provide abundant rewards and as comfortable life for the ingenuity and work of the people who live here. Yet again, we have a tiny group of those in positions of power (not the 1%, but a much smaller fraction) who are successfully transferring the wealth of the entire population into their hands through a criminal mechanism known as the central banking system. They have literally stolen trillions of dollars, especially in recent years, under color of law, and the crime continues now daily with the full support of our government, which has not operated within legal bounds for many years, but assumes they have free reign to destroy what is left of the country. So we have the vast majority of the people in great economic distress, in the midst of all the natural riches of America. And similar scenarios are playing out all over the world, especially in countries that have central banks, and that have corporations operating in partnership with criminal governments, which means just about everywhere.

So take any of the original issues we talked about, chemtrails for example. The chemtrail materials, toxic metals and other poisons, are not just jumping onto aircraft and then jumping out of the planes on their own. No more than guns are creating murders on their own. It’s the one that pulls the trigger that commits the crime, and it’s the ones who fund the spraying and find the “scientists” and pilots with no conscience to carry out their plans, that are committing the genocide called geoengineering (it deserves no such respectable name).

The same applies across the board to almost every similar issue. If the few at the top continue the programs and control the resources, they will find willing minions among us to be the executioners for them. While we stay asleep, hypnotized and drugged, feeling ourselves to be weak, helpless, and dependent for all our decisions on experts, this will continue.

But what happens if we wake up? What happens if our vision clears and we see what is going on around us? Most importantly what happens if in addition to this, we remember and regain connection to who we really are and to our long forgotten abilities? Well now, that’s an entirely different scenario.

Einstein explained that locked away inside the tiniest particle of matter, there lies enough energy to re-create the entire physical universe. That is nothing compared to what lies within each one of us as human beings. We don’t have any idea, and have even lost any good language to describe it, but it is there waiting. Consciousness is too poor a term. We are not just a pile of cells or atoms. We are not even our thoughts or emotions. We are the one having them, unlimited except for what we believe deep in our subconscious, that we cannot do, or be.

Lost Arts Radio and Lost Arts Research Institute are about reconnecting us to those arts we have long forgotten, all of which make up what we once naturally had, the lost art of living in harmony with our Source, and with Nature. Health is the focus of the radio show, including the steps to get it back naturally. Tools you can start using today, once you understand how health really works.

But health is just a means to an end. The end is to help bring us in touch with our real potential in all areas, to clear our minds, to free up our energy, break free of addictions, and let us decide from a space of strength and smooth flowing energy what we want to do. It’s a first step.

I’ve spent 50 years now, investigating how to take that step, and the ones that follow. I’m ready to share with you what I’ve found, if you’re up for it. And we’ll have incredible guests to offer what they’ve learned, to help us get there. I think we need our maximum energy freed up for success in any one of the critical issues that face us now. We really don’t have time to waste being sick and going through what the system wants us to think is “normal aging.” From what I have found to be true, there’s nothing normal about it. We can do a lot better. I have total faith in you. We are not strangers, but family, and we came from the same place. Let’s do it.


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