This Is Peace In The Middle East!

Source: Mabel Katz

What do you think would happen in the world if people stopped seeing themselves as victims, blaming, thinking they know what's best, or believing they are always right? The human race is ignorant and asleep. We do not know who we are. What would happen if everyone were willing to take 100% responsibility? Do you think this could create world peace?

Let me tell you a story that actually happened to me. A couple of years ago, I went to teach Ho'oponopono in Chile. The training was all day Saturday and half day Sunday. During the first break we took on Saturday morning, a Palestinian man came to me and said, "I don't agree with anything you just shared with the class and actually I didn't want to come to this class when I saw you had a Jewish last name." He thought I had nothing to teach him. He went on telling me everything he believed, and when he finished, to his surprise, I told him that I agreed with everything he had said, and that I was going to ask him to be open and flexible, because I thought that we were talking about the same thing and maybe calling it different names. He accepted and decided to stay.

The next morning when he came, he shared the most amazing story with the class about a serious problem (police involved) he had the night before and how he had used one of the tools I had given him on Saturday. He couldn't believe the results. He was amazed how things worked out in a miraculous way. Well, at the end of the class, he gave me a hug (not big), but huge hug and screamed, "This is Peace in the Middle East!" I hope you can get how profound this is. I didn't need to convince him by talking, or arguing, or being right, or having the last word. I just needed to keep my mouth shut and say, "I am sorry. Please forgive me for whatever is in me that has created this," while he was talking to me. I had to be conscious that he was not out there, that he was part of my own consciousness, my thoughts, my own memories. He had shown up in my life to give me a chance to make it right this time.

We are always waiting for things to work themselves out. We hope things will change, and struggle when we realize we can't mold the outside world according to our whims. Truly, we can't change much on the outside, but we can change the world by changing ourselves. When we are at peace, everything and everybody around us are at peace too.

In order to be at peace, it is important to remember that it is not in people's nature to kill, be bad, or do harm. People act this way because they are constantly reacting from memories, and since they are not aware, they cannot avoid it. When somebody does something that you don't like, you have to be conscious, observe, and know the person is not being himself or herself at that moment. He or she is being moved by memories replaying. So, if you can take 100% responsibility, understanding that it's your memories and be willing to clean, whatever is cleaned from you, will be cleaned from them too.

If you want freedom and peace, look at yourself and realize that you are building on top of memories. You make decisions based on memories. You make judgments based on memories, and see everything through your memories. You are blind and deaf, but you think you know. Many of the memories come from your ancestors. They are not even yours. Somebody has to clean this up, and forgiveness is the only way. When you don't forgive, you hurt yourself, not others. Also, be willing to forgive yourself for not knowing what you are doing.

Ho'oponoponi, this ancient art of problem solving, reminds us that the only reason we are here is to make amends and it is a gift to be here.

Once and for all, we must wake up and say, "I am sorry," not because we are guilty or are sinners, but because we are 100% responsible!

Once you awaken, you become more conscious. You become able to observe without attachment. You realize that the peace you are searching for begins with you.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

~Mabel Katz

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