6/12/16 - Maximizing Your Resistance To Chemtrails, EMF, Disease And Degeneration - A Special One-Time Free Class Is Coming!

Many extremely popular websites and huge social media groups and hard hitting youtube channels around the world are warning their visitors and members every day about the assaults being carried out against humanity.  The message is spreading.  But we are short on solutions.

We are being sprayed with not just toxic metals, but also biological and chemical agents designed to sicken human beings and wreak havoc on the food supply, air, soil, water and the entire biosphere (it is not only to "engineer" the climate, but is a much broader air attack on every one of us personally).  The vast array of technologies that use microwave radiation to function (cell phones to tablets to smart meters and more) are clearly designed for their destructive capabilities on many levels.  They could have been designed with safety in mind, but the opposite choice was made.  Dr. Steven Greer (see www.lostartsradio.com archives of our two shows on his material) has presented testimony of many high level whistleblowers, that the world has not needed petroleum energy or the pollution it causes, or nuclear power with its potential to destroy life on Earth, since at least 1920, but the viable alternatives have been suppressed by government and industry, cooperating to maintain their deadly plan of control.  The toxic agriculture system, based on the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and poisons is making people sick, drug dependent and perfect prey for a medical industry that violently suppresses real health information at any cost.

These are just a few of the threats faced by all of us alive on this planet today.  Some of the dangers, such as GMO crops and foods grown with chemical fertilizers and poisons, we can avoid by eating only organic foods.  Others, like fluoridated water, can be countered by certain types of filtration equipment properly used.  But there are some attacks on our well being that are hard to avoid, such as chemtrail fallout, nuclear fallout and microwave radiation.  You can buy organic food and clean water, but not organic air.

The next best option we have in dealing with this kind of unavoidable pollution is to find out how to raise our own body's defenses, to as close to their optimum design levels as possible.  Fortunately there are measures we can take to do this that do not require any special technology or expensive new drug or miracle supplement, though certain technologies and supplements can also help.  Most of what is required is internal work, to break our attachment or addiction to the things that are hurting us.  This is no small matter, as anyone who has honestly faced themselves to break unwanted habits understands.  But our choice is clear.  Upgrade the small details of our lifestyle now to unleash the defensive powers of our bodies and minds, or allow the consequences to keep getting worse, and then we pay the price.

Each of us is totally free to choose.  And for those who choose the path of self-awareness, self-education and turning new knowledge into action, it is hoped that by getting back what should be our normal, high-energy state of being, we can also get in touch with our own creative potential, and find a way to stop the assaults on us for good.

Join us for step one of this process.  I'll share the basics with you, what has come out of my own research and experimentation over a 50 year period, and then you can check out what we cover on your own, discard what is not useful to you, and apply the parts you want to use in your own life.  The object is to feel better now, healthier, stronger, with a clearer mind, so you can get more of what is important to you, out of every day of your life.  There are sources of satisfaction and joy that we have forgotten.  But we can still get them back, and inspire others around us to do the same just by who we can become, even if we never say a word.

Finally a date is chosen.  Monday, June 20th 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern time.  I want to make this simple, direct, easy to understand, no more complex than it has to be.  I don't want to take too much of your valuable time.  I have found the most powerful truths are usually very simple, and they are all within our reach.  I'll just share what I've found in looking for them, and then if you want to, you can take it as much farther as you want to in your own life.

After decades of investigation and experiments, I see what is coming, what our leaders plan to do to us, what they are doing to us now.  I don't want their plans to succeed.  I want all of us as strong and conscious as we can possibly be, to have the best chance to change the future for the better.  No punches will be pulled in this presentation, just short and to the point, the truth in a form you can use.

I hope you can join me for the live show.  You can listen at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern on June 20th, the same as with our normal weekly shows, on www.blogtalkradio.com/lostartsradio, or by calling 657-383-1002 at show time, to just listen or to ask questions.  We will use every minute of this show, so please try to be on time, and I'll meet you there.

PS: Our usual weekly shows with guests are at the same location, same phone number for listening, on Sunday evenings at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern.  Our weekly Q&A shows are Saturday mornings at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern.  If you attend this special show on June 20th, and if you have follow up questions, bring them to the Saturday morning shows, and we can talk about them in more detail.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
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