6/19/16 - A Suggested Way Forward For Muslim / Non-Muslim Relations, In A Time Of Government-Supported Terror And Death

QuranThe ultimate success of those whose plan is to unify the planet under their absolute control, and then to annihilate most or all of us, in other words those people Alex Jones and others call the "globalists," their victory depends on us being willing to do much of their work for them by hating and killing each other, while they consolidate power. It's test time for humanity, to see how conscious have we become at this point in history. Are we going to kill each other over our differences of belief, or are we intelligent enough to live in harmony, respecting each others' God-given rights and freedoms.

If we don't have the consciousness to put freedom and mutual respect first, there is no system that will allow freedom to survive. The original ideal of an American Republic, not  democracy, built on the idea that government had little or no legitimate function except to protect our freedoms and our borders, has degenerated now into a massive structure of organized crime, with two major "parties" working together for our demise. It was the commitment to defending and protecting our own and each other's freedom that was the central pillar of the new country, not the government itself or any system. The system was meant to serve us, the people, not vice versa, and whenever the system failed to do this, it was to be replaced with a better one, as clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence and other documents and letters from the founders. Preserving individual freedom, which a democracy would sacrifice in favor of the collective, was to remain the priority.

In order to make this work in practice, the people need to understand and remember that respect for others and defending their right to dissent and differ was essential to the survival of a free society. Insisting that only one belief would be tolerated would be the segue to tyranny. Governments and religions throughout history have used intolerance to separate the people, and preserve their domination and tyranny through fear of what could happen to dissidents. America was set up to be different. Any religion, any belief system, no belief system, any way of speaking, thinking and acting was acceptable, provided it did not infringe on the rights of everyone else to enjoy the same freedoms. Whether it would work out in practice would depend entirely on the consciousness, the spiritual maturity, of the people.

And it was never just Americans that wanted this type of freedom. Good people everywhere, all over the world, would wish for the same ability to live their lives as they chose, not as they were forced by some powerful organization in a position of control. But in America, people came together to try the experiment. They had many flaws. They did not realize that all human beings had the same God-given rights. Atrocities were committed against the native American people, the slaves brought from Africa, and against those considered to belong to other groups that were somehow less deserving of respect. Still, the attempt was made, to build a free society, where everyone had maximum opportunity for the life they wished to lead. Government was instituted to protect the rights of the people. And the people were left with the responsibility to watch the government with a suspicious and vigilant eye, lest it degenerate into tyranny, as many of the founders warned might happen.

Somewhat more than 200 years later, here we are in a critical situation, where the future of America as anything resembling a free country is in serious question, and the future viability of humanity, and even the entire biosphere, is in immediate peril from many sides. What has happened? Freedom has not been protected. Human beings have not learned to respect and care for each other as themselves, and we have not protected our delicate, beautiful and divinely crafted life support system, planet Earth.

People of malevolent intent have come to occupy almost all of the highest power positions in government and global corporations, as they do in most of the governments of the world. The globalist cartel that watched as the young united states fought for their independence, has retained its power, and reinstated itself over America officially with the creation of the current Central Bank and associated power structures beginning in 1913, while the people slept.

Deadly technologies in all areas of life have been developed, while their benign and health-promoting counterparts have been hidden and violently suppressed by the partnership of government and global corporations. Those destructive technologies, and the misguided "science" that has emerged with them, have degraded human health and the balance of life that sustains us in nature. Inventors of the better options, suitable for decentralized individual and community self-sufficiency, have been silenced or murdered. This goes on daily in the U.S. and elsewhere worldwide, as government agents enforce the rule of fear.

So humanity is at a turning point. As the American founders predicted, the Republic could not survive without an aware, truly educated, and spiritually conscious population. This does not mean a population of one uniform religion. It means a population of individuals who would protect the principles of freedom, and who would care about and respect each other, and of course the Earth that keeps us alive. We have not had those qualities with sufficient focus, up to now.

If we cannot live as brothers and sisters of one family, with mutual respect and freedom to live our own lives as we choose, then at this point, with destructive technologies developed to the level they are at now, we cannot live. So our choice is life or death, not of any one race, but of the species as a whole.

We know already what will lead us to global death, just to keep going the way we are going, it's that simple. Be lazy, blame it on others, assume we can do nothing, live in fear of our rulers, secular or religious or both, carry out atrocities for them, stay unconscious of who we really are, and what we really could do.

kid worshippingBut what is it that would give us the chance, even as late in the game as it is now, for a world- wide renaissance, a chance for the children of our time, and their descendents, to have a life worth living?

We would have to throw away hatred of each other, and instead protect each other's rights to live as we choose. Governments are positive if they help us protect those freedoms. That's as far as their legitimate power goes, and for reasons we have been shown over and over again. Religions are positive as long as they help their followers remember to love all others as they love themselves. This of course requires loving one's self, an element of the equation often overlooked and not understood, and it requires loving all others, not just those in our own acceptable group. Once religions start teaching to harm or kill others because of differing beliefs, they work toward suicide of our species, just like other forms of corrupt government. Are we intelligent enough to understand that and act accordingly, keeping our own religions in line, just like we have to oversee our own governments?

Islam is now being used by the global rulers as a tool of social destruction and chaos. This can only happen if the people of the world, especially members of the Muslim belief system, go along with the plan. America as a country is also being used as a tool of world poisoning and destruction, by the same small cartel of global rulers, who want total world control. This also, can only happen if the people of the world, especially Americans, go along with the plan. My point is that Americans and the entire worldwide population of Muslims, including Muslim Americans, share a common and urgent dilemma. Do we all play along with the plan for our own destruction, obeying our government and religious rulers, dutifully killing each other and ourselves at the same time? Or will we take advantage of this one last chance to usher in a golden age of humanity, for the sake of our children, all that we love, and for ourselves?

Even now, if we have the courage and the character, we could still do it. It is not too late. We have abilities we have long forgotten. They still live within us. Americans in general are told we must serve the system that intends to destroy us. We cannot have the clean and free energy that has existed and been suppressed for decades and more, as documented by Dr. Steven Greer and others. We cannot have normal healthy food, water or even air to breathe. Everything must be poisoned.  We have to use products on our bodies, and technologies in all areas of our lives, that are clearly designed to damage or kill us. We have no choice in health care, and have to submit to a medical industry that, in partnership with government corporations, as become the number one cause of death in our country. We have to keep breathing the toxic metals and other agents of destruction that are being sprayed into our air every day by a huge fleet of unmarked aircraft, obviously supported by government at all levels. And there is much more. Basically we are expected to serve the system of our own destruction.

Muslims worldwide face a similar challenge. According to the scriptures and teachings of Islam, they are expected to hate and when possible, kill unbelievers who refuse to convert. They are even expected to support the death of their own members who decide to leave the system. They have to support a set of rules that is disastrous for the rights and life quality of women, and of course, the doctrine of violent world domination. In America, Muslim people have been able to avoid facing this dilemma, and live normal lives while practicing the non-violent elements of the religion to the degree they individually chose, ignoring the rest (the Jihad elements). That may be changing now, as the violent side of Islam has been intentionally brought into the country by the president and those who serve him, under the direction of those who give orders from levels above, the globalist ruling cartel. They see the violent side of Islam as playing right into their hands, because anything that will create social chaos will give them the perfect justification for extreme tyranny, removing the last traces of individual rights that were the American ideal since the country's founding.

In a particularly difficult situation, are Americans who are also Muslims. They have to deal with the dictates of two corrupt power structures, the one that rules America, and the one that rules the violent side of Islam, which is now being invited and helped to invade America by those who are supposed to be our representative leaders, protectors of our way of life, our freedoms. They are supposed to protect the freedoms of all of us, Muslims, non-Muslims, atheists, every single individual in America, as an example of freedom to the whole world. Instead, they have made it clear that they see us as their prey.

They want us to forget, we are all human beings. We are one family, and we all came from the same place. Our nature is consciousness and love, care for ourselves and each other. There are vastly more of us than there are of those who want to control and destroy us, the vicious religious leaders who want us to kill each other, and the vicious government and corporate rulers, who also want us to kill each other. Will we do their bidding and fulfill their goals for them?

There is an infinite Spirit of love in every one of us that goes far deeper than our programming or beliefs, keeping us alive every minute we are here. It does not depend on belief, it is life itself, and we are one with that. That is why we are so intimately connected to each other. That is why there is an ancient law of nature, older than any belief system, that says whatever we do for, or to, someone else, comes back to us multiplied. This is the subtle secret behind loving others as ourselves. We are not separate beings, but one, in many forms. Love between those many forms of this one being releases a healing power, and allows a level of life beyond what most have imagined. It is the origin of something like heaven on Earth, just the opposite of any kind of enforced Utopia, which results in the opposite, every time. And it sometimes seems that humanity never learns, hating, killing, destroying, and then suffering the inevitable consequences, over and over again.

MeccaIs it worth it to remain a servant of ANY belief system or ruler, if the actions required to maintain that obedience bring hell on Earth to all of us? What if we made love our belief and our way of life? Now just to be clear, I am a strong supporter of the right and necessity of every person, to defense of self and others. Women, in particular, especially now, should have the right and necessary training to be armed if they so choose. The women in Sweden and other parts of what used to be Europe, would not the victims of mass violent Muslim migrations, subject to rape and murder as they are now, if they were armed and trained for self-defense. The American people in general, likewise must hold on to their firearms freedoms in the face of concentrated attack on those rights by their own government and gullible fellow Americans who believe media deception. Peaceful Muslims also must be able to defend themselves against this same insane and violent group who believe in terror as some kind of sacrament in the name of God.

But in spite of the importance of firearms and general competency in self defense being necessary, guns and fighting in any form are not going to be the ultimate answer we need to live through this test. There is no way out of the hard choice before us. Love and unity, maintaining respect for differences and the sovereignty of individuals, between both people and nations, is absolutely necessary if we are to survive. Muslim and non-Muslim are misleading terms because we are all human beings, closely related to each other. Words are used against us, to keep the hatred going at any cost. Is that your priority? Or are you willing to make a commitment to peace and harmony, even if it makes those who want to control you upset? What you do in your own life will show your choice.

John Lennon had to be killed, because he dared to "imagine" and share the vision of world harmony. Marin Luther King, John Kennedy, numerous musicians and others who had this vision all died young, as they say and sing. But the vision itself still lives if we keep it alive. Individual countries, like individual people, deserve the freedom to live and grow as they choose. We don't need uniformity. But with mutual respect and care, knowing that what we wish for and give to others is what we ourselves will get, a brilliant time on Earth can still be born. Be part of it. Start now.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
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