Coronavirus Alert - A Message From Dr. Cousens

Dear Cherished Community,

As many of you know, recently in Wuhan, China, the largest city of central China with more than 10 million people, the biological viral agent developed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology somehow was released in the city where they are currently having an epidemic. The data from China, the best we can tell, suggests that 15% of those who contract the virus die, and 83% of those exposed to the virus, develop symptoms. This 15% death rate approximately follows the death rate of the lethal Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million victims, including some 675,000 Americans. This has the potential, although it has reached epidemic proportions in Wuhan, China, to become a global epidemic.

As one of the main speakers at the Real Truth About Health Conference in Melville, NY last weekend, I noted that many of the attendees expressed fear about the virus. Fear, of itself, weakens the immune system, making one more vulnerable to viral infection. The good news is that, based on my clinical experience in treating viral infections, singlet atoms of iodine (I-) have been shown to be the most powerful antiviral substance available to us. I- is also a very powerful antioxidant. These antioxidant qualities are important because these viral infections release free radicals that tend to break down the system. The I- is also a mucolytic – It dissolves mucus in the system, such as in lung infections, which happen to be common in the case of the coronavirus. I- is also anti-inflammatory. In my scientific opinion, I- is the best and healthiest anti-viral available to us. Historically, the world research shows that no virus can withstand iodine, and, in particular, I- creates an instant kill of the virus.

I also recommend taking an immune boosting herbal combination called Mega Defense, which I generally suggest at 4 capsules twice daily, as a preventative measure at this time. Given the fact that viral infections generate free radicals, I recommend you increase overall antioxidant consumption with such products as Antioxidant Extreme. These are the basics of creating a defensive shield against the coronavirus.

Iodine’s powerful qualities strongly suggest, although we don’t have direct experience, that iodine gives a high level of preventative protection from being infected by the coronavirus. This is not a claim based on clinical evidence with the coronavirus, but, is based on my general experience with I- in treating viral infections. I make no claim to have direct experience with the coronavirus, but generally speaking, this is the best we can do, as no one has any real experience with this virus.

In my clinical experience, the optimum viral protection in general is 20 drops of I- daily dissolved in water (taken on an empty stomach). It’s best to wait 15 minutes before eating anything. If you happen to have a coronaviral infection already, based on my general experience (with no direct experience with this coronavirus), I’ve found that 5-15 drops per hour until the infection is gone is a reasonable protocol for most viral infections.

One warning about this protocol: If someone is on thyroid medication and begins to experience heart palpitations on this protocol, stop taking the iodine immediately. Wait several days and slowly start one drop at a time.

As I do not have any experience in treating the coronavirus, and hope I never have to, I obviously cannot make any specific claims for the treatment of the coronavirus with iodine. This recommendation, however, is based on a generally safe and effective approach in preventing and healing most viral infections. Additionally, people can have an occasional excessive detoxification reaction from iodine, as it forces fluoride, lead, mercury, and cadmium out of the system.

People may feel symptoms such as nausea, burning throat, and heart palpitations. If this happens, discontinue iodine use immediately. Wait several days and begin again with one drop three times daily. Although I’ve never actually seen this happen with anyone, if people become nauseated during detox, it may be helpful to put an eighth of a teaspoon on the tip of the tongue of Transformational Salt and touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth, followed by 16 ounces of water.

The form of iodine I have found to be most effective is a singlet oxygen atom of iodine (I-) called Illumodine. Although I believe other singlet atomic iodine can work, this is the only form I’m aware of that’s organic, radiation-free, and 100% pure (as it’s mined deep beneath the ground in South America). The other important aspect is that in the singlet atomic I- form, it is estimated to be 100% bioavailable. It is true scalar wave energized, which, in my clinical experience, makes it algae free.

As I, like most physicians, have no direct experience in treating the coronavirus, I can’t make any definitive claim to prevention or treatment, but this seems like a reasonable and relatively safe approach given the seriousness of the potential coronavirus epidemic.

These statements that I’m making haven’t been evaluated by the FDA, and we don’t claim this product diagnostic, curative, a treatment, or a preventative of any disease.

My concern as a doctor, a grandparent, and a parent is to protect my immediate and larger family from this potential, lethal epidemic.

In concern for your health and wellbeing,
Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), ND(hc), DD

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