3/8/15 - The Brilliant Message of Markus Rothkranz

Markus RothkranzMost people I talk to have never heard of Markus Rothkranz. Neither had I a few years ago. I should have known about him. I have been researching and experimenting with holistic health practices for 50 years now, and raw foods became an important part of that study in about 1970. Years later and many lessons down the road, they became all that I ate and still are. The results have been amazing.

Ann Wigmore, Bernard Jensen, Paul Bragg, Arnold Ehret and many other pioneers were doing amazing things with their food and diet discoveries long before I became aware of how to eliminate diseases and most of so-called “aging” using simple, natural methods. But the knowledge has been around for a long time. The document translated in the 1920’s called The Essene Gospel of Peace (not a religious text) was written around two thousand years ago, and it explained in beautiful language full of deep lessons how to overcome and prevent disease and “aging” without any need for technology or what is officially called “health care” (https://www.essene.com/GospelOfPeace/peace1.html).

So each of us that discovers how to do these things is just re-discovering what has been known for longer than recorded history. The modern medical industry, now officially the documented number one cause of death in America (Gary Null: “Death by Medicine”: https://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf ) has only been around a very short time by comparison, and has done incredible damage to the world since it abandoned Hippocrates’ dictate to “do no harm.” So the information in the books of Markus Rothkranz (https://markusrothkranz.com/online-store/index.html ) is not new at all. But the presentation is, and it is so simply and brilliantly put together, full of enthusiasm and inspiration to make the reader want to actually do what the books suggest, that it deserves immediate attention from students of natural health that want an immediate change for the better in their lives.

Heal Yourself 101 is a great book to start with for learning Markus’ material. It explains detoxification of the body in clear terms that put the credit for that process right where it belongs: not on some miracle product that you eat and then your system is cleaned out, but on the body itself, whose innate intelligence does the cleansing when we give it the support it needs. The idea of Instant total detox by taking a particular product but keeping one’s habits unchanged may be an effective sales pitch with trusting first-time customers that a lot of companies have used. But the truth is, as Markus explains in the book, the body has decades of stored-up toxins in cells all over the body, and the body knows exactly where they all are and how to get them out of the system safely. So to do that, for thousands of years it has been known and taught that fasting and change of lifestyle is required. The change of lifestyle part is indispensible or the problems occur again.

Modern men and women are in such a weakened and overly toxic state compared to periods in history long past, that prolonged water fasting could easily be dangerous and Markus explains why. So to get the benefits of fasting while not cutting off nutrient supply to the body and keeping the energy levels up, juicing is presented as a great solution that covers all these bases as the toxins are gradually cleaned out. Once that is done, a new permanent lifestyle is adopted to avoid relapsing into old problems.

Anyone who wants to cross check the validity and experiences of others with juicing can easily find large numbers of testimonies under headings like “juice fasting,” or “juice feast” or juice/live food along with any of a large number of health conditions people have addressed successfully using this great tool.

All this is not to say that there are not great natural products that can support this process in various ways, but the basic way to get toxins out of the body, that so many people can confirm works the best, is still fasting, juices and the use of water or in some cases water/organic coffee mixtures, for colon hydrotherapy, which makes the process far easier, quicker and a lot more comfortable.

Following the detoxification phase, the use of live foods, which again has been advocated by those who knew for thousands of years, is explained in great detail in Heal Yourself 101. It is not presented as a temporary diet but as a new lifestyle to prevent disease and stay energetic and young all your life. Having done it for years myself, I can vouch for how well it works. And for those interested in internal exploration and spiritual growth, having a body that works painlessly, keeps a high energy level and stays young makes that process tremendously easier and much more rewarding. After all, we are only here in physical bodies for a short period, and our real long term goals go beyond the limits of this level of existence. Exploring beyond the usual self-imposed limits of life is a lot easier with a brain that is powered by a clean blood stream full of live-food nutrients that our body is programmed to use to stay healthy and strong for life.

The only thing I might add beyond the ultimate spiritual purpose of achieving natural health, is something that would make me an immediate outcast in most vegan circles, but I have to say it anyway as I have found it to be the truth.

Many raw vegans, in other words those that eat according to guidelines like the ones in Heal Yourself 101, eventually run into some typical problems after a few years or more or less on the raw vegan diet. These include loss of body heat, loss of muscle mass, loss of energy and psychological instability. These problems make many people go back to cooked foods, even if they know the raw nutrients are better. Matt Monarch has talked about some of these obstacles in a great video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITLU51fsQ8M) he did on why a whole foods diet mostly cooked is better for most people because of these difficulties in staying on raw foods, even though the raw foods are far more nutritious for the body and are what it was designed to use. I found a way past this dilemma that could make the 100% raw food diet easy for most people that otherwise find it so hard.

The solution for me was to include the use of fresh, organic (not “USDA Organic,” but real organic which has been around a lot longer than any USDA program) properly produced raw milk, from cows not abused but basically treated as well as our pets. The fats and other subtle qualities in the milk, for me, immediately brought back a feeling of totally calm stability, and restored the muscle mass, body heat and high energy that I had been missing before. This milk has nothing in common with the pasteurized, dead, chemicalized “milk” from cows that are so stressed by their terrible living conditions and treatment that they only live a small fraction of their natural lifespans, at the end of which they are typically butchered. That is a totally immoral industry that deserves no support or customers, but again, it has no relation to the production of real raw milk without abuse or poisons.

I know the very thought of even trying raw milk, to most vegans, is completely unacceptable. I believe each of us must follow our own inner guidance over and above anyone on the outside presuming to tell us what to do, no matter what costume or credentials they may have. I’m not telling anyone what to do, and I do not give any medical advice. But I am just reporting what I have found for myself. After some initial congestion when I started using the raw milk, my body started digesting it easily (after getting inoculated with the necessary enzymes by the milk itself), and the positive results were apparent starting right away. I was careful to use the milk with full cream content for best results. Anyone that is unclear on the cholesterol/fat issue may want to educate themselves by seeing Dr. Glidden’s explanation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GcdVw4lPZs) of the truth about these vital categories of nutrients which have been vilified for years, and most of us just assumed, as usual, that we were being told the truth.

I found Heal Yourself 101 to be incredibly inspiring, and a great source of positive excitement to start cleaning out old stored toxins along with old habits right away. I agree with Markus that our natural state is one of high energy and natural happiness. We don’t really have to create it, just to remove what is blocking it from naturally coming through. Understanding how the body works and giving it what it needs to be healthy seem like a great place to start for people that want more than a temporary fix for how they feel. Testimonials for what happened to people who followed the book’s advice can be found on Markus’ site https://markusrothkranz.com/online-store/heal-yourself-101-book/ . I encourage everyone to have a voracious and constant appetite for self-education. But also action is a necessary part of the recipe. If we find and let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding us back, we can achieve anything. Let the adventure begin. (Please note: I have not been asked to write this article, and have not been paid to do so ).


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