New GMO 'Animal-Free' Milk Product To Launch, As Natural Raw Milk Is Banned In Many States

raw milk(NaturalNews) In an ironic example of how insane our United States legal system has become regarding food safety, a Berkeley-based food tech firm is preparing to launch a perfectly legal GMO-derived "animal-free dairy milk" product, while in many states the sale of raw, unpasteurized milk is banned.

The food tech company, Perfect Day, is planning to unleash its Frankenmilk product on the public next year, and is touting its synthetic GMO milk as being a "cleaner, greener and kinder" alternative to real milk.

From San Francisco Business Times:

"Their product is lactose-free, vegan and uses 98 percent less water, 91 percent less land, 84 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and 65 percent less energy than typical industrial dairy production, according to a report provided by the company."

The question is: will anyone want to buy it?

Perfect Day founders Perumal Gandhi and Ryan Pandya are hoping that consumers will ignore the fact that genetically-engineered yeast is used to produce their product, but at least some experts believe that convincing the public won't be easy, and that very few people will even be willing to try it.

Meanwhile, people in many states who would prefer the health benefits of consuming raw, natural milk are prevented from doing so.

Why does the government approve Frankenmilk sales while banning raw organic milk?

The federal government has banned the interstate sale or distribution of raw milk and raw milk products, and state laws regarding the sale of raw milk vary throughout the country.

Currently, in 20 states the sale of raw milk for human consumption is illegal. Only 13 states allow the sale of raw milk in retail stores. In eight states, raw milk can only be obtained legally through "cow-share" agreements, and in 17 states raw milk sales are only legal on the farms where such milk is produced.

Our government is obviously committed to protecting and promoting the GM food industry as it punishes those who prefer consuming healthy, natural foods over laboratory-synthesized Frankenfoods.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been accused of misleading the public by "cherry-picking" data from its own study, and claiming that "the rate of outbreaks caused by unpasteurized milk and products made from it was 150 times greater than outbreaks linked to pasteurized milk."

The truth is that during the 5-year period (2007 to 2012) of the CDC study, no deaths were attributable to the consumption of raw milk, while three people in Massachusetts died from drinking pasteurized milk contaminated with listeria.

CDC report on raw milk found to be 'flawed and misleading'

The Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education nonprofit, found the CDC report to be "substantially flawed and misleading."

"The CDC data ... actually showed no statistical difference in the rate of illness attributed to raw milk or products produced from raw milk compared to those produced from pasteurized milk, says Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price Foundation ... so CDC used the number of 'outbreaks' to make raw milk look bad," states Natural Blaze.

Of the estimated 876,209 cases of food-borne illnesses per year in the U.S., only an average of 41 are attributable to raw milk, of which only around 23 are "confirmed illnesses."

So why is the government so determined to prevent the sale of unpasteurized milk for human consumption?

The only possible answer is that the government is protecting the interests of Big Dairy corporations.

And why is the government allowing GMO-derived synthetic Frankenmilk to be sold to the public?

It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. The GMO food industry has spent millions lobbying for its own products to be approved, and has infiltrated the regulatory agencies – such as the FDA and CDC – with industry insiders who help draft their policies.

Meanwhile, those who want to provide the public with healthy, natural foods and dietary supplements are often subject to criminal prosecution for doing so.

Welcome to the modern world, folks ...

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