3/22/15 - Question Everything

Question EverythingYoung human beings need to trust and pay attention to their parents, just like young mammals do in the animal kingdom. Our lives can depend on doing that. But most of us are trained from a young age to trust not just our parents but also authority figures of all kinds and to believe what they tell us is true. That system works fine as long as the authority figures in our lives are benevolent and honest. But what happens if those authority figures become corrupt or degenerate into violent criminals? The answer is evident throughout our current society. That very trust that kept us safe as small children (assuming we had good parents) has now become the means of our destruction.

Most of us have been programmed to believe many basic assumptions. For example, we believe the educational system is to help us become more educated, aware of what is happening around us and capable of dealing with it in a constructive way. We believe that science is “objective” and trustworthy as a source of cutting edge knowledge. We believe government leaders are working selflessly to keep society safe and prosperous, and all of us free to live as we choose. At least in America, that was supposed to be the idea. We believe the medical system is there to keep us healthy, or restore our health quickly and safely if we become sick. We have believed that our military is working to protect us from outside threats, that’s why that part of the government is called the department of defense. And speaking of government, their job is to safeguard our freedom from all kinds of dangers so we can live our lives in peace and pursue whatever goals we have for ourselves. All of our government leaders have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, which keeps government in its proper role. Economic experts work tirelessly to make sure our lives and our country remain prosperous and abundant so we have unlimited opportunities for success. But what happens if all these assumptions have become false? How do we cope with that situation and what is our best course of action?

In present day America as in many parts of the world, we are faced with exactly that situation. Glaring examples surround us every day. Education and science have largely become indoctrination into acceptable ways of thinking. Science is to a great extent tied to industry and scientists are hired to “prove” results that are pre-determined in order to promote a product or practice that government and industry want people to support. The military is used to invade and destroy sovereign countries. Economic authorities have put a system in place guaranteed to create financial devastation for the vast majority of people, and move almost all monetary resources into the hands of a tiny “elite” ruling class (no, not the 1% but a much, much smaller group). Government corruption is nearly complete, even down to the local level. The medical industry that was supposed to keep us healthy is now the number one documented cause of death in America (see “Death by Medicine,” by Dr. Gary Null and Dr. Carolyn Dean for details and statistics).

Those perpetrating the criminal activity put a huge amount of money and effort into psychological conditioning of the public, to accept what we are told without question. This makes it easier for small groups of people in the upper levels of the power structure to keep billions of people under control, unaware that the noose is tightening around our necks as we let the time go by.

The system teaches us to believe we are stupid and incompetent, incapable of making our own best decisions so we need to let experts tell us how to run every aspect of our lives. We are taught to live in fear of others, and fear of ourselves, helpless to direct our own lives, dependent on benevolent authorities, experts and scientists to take care of us. This mentality is social and individual suicide, and the effects can be seen everywhere around us.

Reviewing all of the sobering realities of our situation would be pointless unless we can come up with solutions to turn things around. For every one of us this means starting with ourselves. We have to be brave enough to break out of our usual limited way of thinking. What if we could take over our own education and learn anything we are interested in, and develop any skills we want to have, starting today? What if we could learn how to take care of our own health, replace any negative addictions with positive ones, and make “health care,” except in accidents, completely unnecessary? What if we could get back in touch with deeper aspects of ourselves, forgotten abilities we had long ago, so that any contribution we decide to make to help the world becomes incredibly powerful, even if we barely say a word? All this is possible and is only the beginning.

Become voracious for knowledge and even more hungry for the wisdom to know how to use it. Schools are not necessary for learning. Every day of our lives is a school if we pay attention to the lessons. If we forget about judging others and turn that keen observation on ourselves, not to condemn ourselves but to see the real opportunities to grow and become super strong, clear and healthy on all levels, we can make changes that will seem magical, but they are real. That we might one day actually do this, is the greatest fear of any negative power structure. There are levels of our own abilities that are not open to those with destructive intent. Those controlling us know this, and we have only forgotten.

Our standards have fallen very low while we fell into this trance of forgetfulness. Let’s shake ourselves awake. Why not question everything, to find better answers than the ones we are used to. Every one of us has brilliance and creativity inside that is only limited by what we believe is impossible. What is inside us is in our control, and has the ability to massively change what is outside (aka the “real world”). The hall of mirrors can only fool us and dominate us until we figure this out. Time is short, maybe it would be wise to figure it out, now.


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