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Breaking: Another Holistic Florida MD Dead

Source: HealthNutNews

Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year!!!

By Erin Elizabeth

(Editor’s note: Here is the entire list and photos of all 60+ doctors who have died mysteriously since last year. Click here to read.)

Update: We also received word from a reliable source stating the following: "Dr Skellchock was working as a professional witness concerning laser damage. I have a couple friends who were recommended to her from a lawyer in Miami whose wife won a lawsuit against Fraxel with (name omitted)". (End of quote from source) We’ll let you know if this holds out to be true or not. See story below.

Dr Laura Skellchock, a holistic MD based right here on the East Coast of Florida, has died.

Breaking: Another Holistic Florida MD Dead

We know very little details at this time. Her site was called Integrative Dermatology and she has done a number of videos and articles about integrative practices, natural health, and nutrition. Like most of the self-described integrative or holistic MDs who died, Dr. Skellchock also did procedures that were not 100% holistic, as some were of a cosmetic nature.