4/12/15 - Could Government Actually Do Something Good? (And What About Peaceful Anarchy, "Voluntaryism"?)

Person waving flagNon-violent anarchists promote the idea that a world without government is the only sensible way things should be.  Government is force and violence, they say, and transactions between people should be exclusively voluntary, with mutual consent.  Obviously they are right.  And if the people of the world were all of a more evolved self-awareness, a more mature consciousness than they are now, the anarchy idea would work beautifully, and would just be the natural state of affairs.  I think there is no doubt we are headed there, and much farther, to levels of existence beyond our current imagination in beauty, harmony and universal Love.

But the issue before us is our current situation and the state of humanity in the real world today.  Government in the U.S. and in most countries of the world has become a totally violent, unaccountable, criminal enterprise.  Not just at the federal level, though that is the worst and has the technology and the will to do the most damage (some international agencies are arguably even worse), but at state and local levels too.  Government, at its higher levels, has attracted some of the worst people, especially those who enjoy dominating, controlling and killing others to feel powerful.  And many of the low to mid level enforcers that work for the system are also very malevolent people, such as corrupt police or military that think it's exciting to kill and destroy.

So yes, government has attracted some of the worst people, some but not all.  In fact, nowhere near all of them.  Many are in high positions in powerful corporations.  Some of those corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta and other players in the "biotech" industry (in quotes because the word has an air of respectability which is far from justified) are involved in wholesale destruction of our entire biosphere.  The big corporations behind the spread of cell towers and associated wireless technology, smart grid elements and the like, those behind the spread of nuclear power facilities, toxic, health-destroying chemicals for use of the public, disease-producing chemically contaminated foods, these are a few examples of mass murderers of humanity.  And the point is, they are not government.

As long as there are huge numbers of malevolent individuals in the world, they will band together into gangs to prey on everyone else, in any way they can.  If there is no government for them to infiltrate, they just form private predatory gangs, which at present are often but not always in the form of corporations, and these people go on with their work of stealing and killing in whatever territory they control.

It's true that in a scenario of anarchy, those individuals with extensive private resources may be well able to protect themselves, and these people are among the leaders of the peaceful anarchy movement, because they have the means to take care of themselves, and usually powerful friends to help them as well.  But for the average person of scant means, this is a dangerous proposal, in which they could easily end up dominated by predatory gangs in a variety of styles.

The idea of limited government whose sole reason for existence would be the protection of every person's individual rights could be a solution to this problem.  But if the character of a people is not sufficiently developed, even the best conceived system of government will eventually end up as the framework for yet more violent gang activity, such as has become the case in the present day U.S.  I don't think there is any system conceivable that could cure this problem, without the requisite character of the people themselves.  Laws alone will not do it, but will end up serving those in control, as they do now.

So there is no way out, save by means of a general rise in consciousness, in whatever critical minority is sufficient to cause a worldwide ripple effect, raising humanity toward its true potential of good will and natural cooperation.  In a situation where this tide is even beginning, government could be an instrument of good, protecting the rights of every human being to live freely as he or she wished, as long as the rights of others to do the same were honored and preserved.

Contrary to what some believe, this would certainly not be a democracy.  Why not?  The American founders understood why not, and Benjamin Franklin described democracy as "two wolves and a sheep, voting on what's for dinner."  The American founders abhorred the idea of democracy, realizing it was a direct path to tyranny.  No minority, even one of 49%, is safe in a democracy, where the majority can vote to do whatever they want to the other people, and there is no recourse.  Instead, they created a Constitutional republic, in which the rights of even a minority of one single person could never be taken away, under any conditions (including "emergencies") or for any reason.  The Constitution did not grant the people rights, but just recognized that their rights were theirs from God and could never be taken away.  Government, however, at least at the federal level, was to be severely restricted, and the Constitution did do that, though today it is ignored by those who swear an oath of office to preserve and defend it.

Run and inhabited by people of honesty and good character, the federal government could actually be of great use today.  It could restore economic prosperity to America by abolishing the private, foreign-owned criminal syndicate  known as the "federal" reserve, abolishing the income tax which feeds it, withdrawing from "free trade" agreements and organizations, restoring protective trade tariffs to reinstate healthy industry, withdraw from international organizations that override the American constitution, such as the UN, WTO, WHO and numerous others, and importantly it could stop all illegal and unconstitutional operations (most of what government does today is illegal) and start rescinding and nullifying all laws not absolutely necessary and clearly worded, including wiping all victimless crimes off the books, which would nearly empty the American prisons.

Foreign aid (generosity with other people's money, something Davy Crocket protested and refused to allow when he was in Congress) could be terminated immediately, organizations like TSA, DHS, CPS and every other criminal agency, and there are many, could be terminated, and those within them guilty of crimes against the people could be arrested and tried.  All troops occupying and/or invading other countries could be brought home immediately.  Peaceful knowledge for self-sufficiency, freedom and prosperity could be shared worldwide by volunteers who wanted to see well being cover the globe, but tax money would never be used to build up other countries.  The doctrine of charity by force and theft would be ended.

Any programs connected to Agenda 21 under any name whatsoever could be criminalized in the U.S., and in every other country under the control of honest leaders of good character.  The vast chemtrails program, a.k.a. "geoengineering," could be immediately shut down, allowing weather systems, soil and water, to begin recovering from a terrible and sustained assault.  True organic farming (not USDA "organic") in the form of millions of small family organic farms, could be strongly encouraged (not subsidized) all over America and worldwide, and poison-based chemical farming could be ended.  This would provide food and health security on a local and national level.  For real internal national security, to fill the place of the DHS, the Constitutional militia, as described by Constitutional scholar Edwin Viera, could be re-established and made active in every state, and not subject to federal control. No more gun control laws (all illegal per the Constitution) would be left on the law books, and the special victim disarmament zones ("gun free zones") that violent criminals always prefer, would disappear overnight.

Medical tyranny, the reign of the medical drug dealers and their dictates to congress and state and local governments, would be terminated, and again, total freedom in the choice of approach to health would be guaranteed.  Those who had been top players in the game of addicting Americans and others to deadly medical drugs and promoting other deadly therapies like chemotherapy and so many others from which countless people now die, could be prosecuted.  The manufacture of poisonous chemicals masquerading as "medicine" and promoted to treat disease would become a felony, along with the suppression of real health information that could, in my own experience, virtually eliminate disease and the abnormal aging we have come to accept as inevitable without the knowledge of how to stay healthy by living in harmony with deeper natural laws.

All federal "grants" (money stolen from citizens or printed by the central bank out of thin air) would end, thus ending federal control over states and local districts.  Education would again become local, controlled by people who lived in each area.  Every unnecessary law of every kind could be repealed.  Corporations, including banks, engaged in destruction, of people or environment or both, for profit could be shut down and prosecuted.

All elections would be held on paper ballots exclusively, counted in total public view and transported the same way, until a count that was easily verifiable could be confirmed.

This is only a description of the very beginning of what government, run and inhabited by good people, could do to provide an environment of peace and real security that would be hard to achieve in today's world under a system of total anarchy, with malicious gangs still at large everywhere.

Such a government that actually helps protect the lives and freedoms of its people will not come about by petition or legal demands, but only by the strength of a people who have regained their self-awareness on a very high level of consciousness.

Every one of us can help bring this vision into reality by doing our part to raise the consciousness of the planet.  That means we make the move to become conscious, clear and healthy in our own lives.  For physical health, we can learn what powers the body has to heal itself, and how we can adjust our everyday lifestyle to activate and use those powers, to overcome almost any health challenge ourselves, without the medical system that has become the leading cause of death in America (see doctors Gary Null and Carolyn Dean's article online, "Death by Medicine").  For mental clarity, we need to go back to questioning everything, especially what any kind of authority figure is telling us to think, say or do in our lives.  On the emotional and spiritual levels, we need to listen to the inner guidance that is speaking to us non-stop every day of our lives even though most of us have never listened.  The more we become clear, conscious and healthy, more power for good comes into our hands, and whatever we do will start to have much more powerful results.  Self-development, inside and out, is the secret to effectiveness in any outer activity in our lives, and it cannot be matched by any kind of effort that leaves out this vital area of focus.

What we can achieve this way is almost beyond description.  And getting there has become a lost art.  Yet it remains right at our fingertips, waiting for us to remember and muster the courage to change ourselves, to "be the change we want to see in the world" as Gandhi correctly said.  This is our project number one, our real issue, upon which success in whatever issue in the outside world that we want to address depends.


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