4/19/15 - Government's Seal Of Approval Program - How You Can Benefit Today

Don't get me wrong, government definitely does things that are useful and legitimate.  No really, they do.  Remember, government works for you, not vice-versa, and it does not own you as a subject, at least that was not supposed to be the idea in America.  People did not risk their lives to come to this country, just to become the subject of a new master, they came here because it was a chance to be free.  That is not just an American idea, though.  People everywhere want to be free to live as they chose, allowing others to do the same.  It's supposed to be normal.  So when government does something to protect your freedom from encroachment or attack, it is doing its job.  It is doing something good.Approved

The federal government is supposed to work for the states, and in America, the ultimate boss is the individual, provided again that each of us respects the same rights of all others.  When all people get this identical respect, protection and freedom regardless of race, sex, religion, age, beliefs, etc., then it can be a society based on freedom.  Government stays very small, just big enough to protect our freedoms from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and it never engages in forced "charity" or any other good causes that would go against the first priority of freedom.  No surveillance or income taxation are required, nor any other activity inappropriate for a government that is a servant of the people.

The problem comes in when government starts to do more than just protect our freedoms.  If it starts making pre-emptive war against other sovereign nations, spying on all of us, stealing what belongs to us and giving it to others it decides should have it instead, creating agencies to which it delegates powers it does not have to give in the first place, in order to carry on extensive illegal activities, make their own "laws" and enforcing them with violence, taxing our income and everything we have to do just to live, poisoning our food, water, and air in cooperation with criminal corporations eager to destroy us and the biosphere to make a profit, intentionally crushing our economy in cooperation with an illegal and privately owned central bank that can arbitrarily create its own "money," and thereby own and control most of the wealth of the country as well as buy the corrupt politicians that sell out our lives for their own advancement serving these criminals, when it does all these things and much more, then most of the actions of government become criminal and destructive in nature.  And at that point, most of what government does is the opposite of what they say it is.  So the question is, what could possibly be the up side of that?  Answer: the official government seal of approval program.

Just use your handy decoder to understand that government is actually trying to help you see the truth of so many things, far too many to mention here, but consider some examples.  Government, not just at the federal level but even internationally, has long attempted to totally wipe out the availability of nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, etc.).  See Dr. Rima Laibow's excellent film "Nutricide" on YouTube here.   So if you use the decoder, you instantly understand, nutritional supplements can be tremendously valuable to our health, and you know that specifically because government wants them gone (they have the seal of approval).  What about the government warning that sunlight causes cancer?  Again, a quick use of the decoder shows government is actually letting you know sunlight is essential for health and has been since the beginning of life on Earth.  This doesn't mean to burn yourself to a crisp, you still have to use common sense.  Government attacks raw milk producers with SWAT teams and machine guns.  Whip out your super decoder, and see the real meaning: raw milk is a super health food!  I've actually confirmed this with years of my own research, as long as the raw milk is properly produced.

Government also now says if we walk around in the natural world, "unprotected" from diseases, if we don't get "vaccinated" (i.e. disease organisms shot directly into your body and bloodstream along with toxic metals and numerous other poisonous ingredients), we will most likely die of a vaccine-preventable disease and endanger our whole community in the process.  Translation: natural immunity is the only one that is real, and vaccinations are deadly.  Starting to get the picture?  What would we do without the Seal of Approval program (just kidding, you do still have your own common sense, which trumps corrupt "science" every time).

Just a word of caution here: government might do something that is actually good for you or tell the truth, even if it's by mistake, so you have to pay attention and use your own good judgment.  But in so many cases, if they warn that something is extremely bad for you, well, that could just be the government seal of approval you've been looking for.  Take raw milk, for example.  In my own work spanning several decades, I have found it to be a superfood as mentioned above, which is right in line with the government seal of approval, that is obvious by the fact that raw milk sellers and producers are viciously and violently attacked by armed agents as if they were the worst of threats to our country (see this video).

Concerning the above-mentioned government Seal of Approval on avoiding vaccination, if you need to understand in detail why vaccination is one of the worst things you could do for your health and one of the best ways to contract the disease you are being vaccinated "against," read "Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk," and "Vaccination is not Immunization" by Dr. Tim O'Shea.  Then watch the great vaccination documentary, also on YouTube here.  You will never fall for the deadly vaccine hoax again.

The seal of approval program works the other way too, warning you about some of the most dangerous things in our world today.  How?  By telling you they are great and beneficial of course!  Government is fully in support of nuclear power, genetically modified food, water fluoridation, chemical pesticides, toxic aerial spraying (they won't admit it, they just allow it to go on right over our heads every day), teaching common core curricula, revisionist history and promoting world government in public schools, supporting the health care monopoly of drug-centered medicine, pushing "Obamacare," and implementing all aspects of UN Agenda 21.  Oh and of course stealing your money to give to the private central bank, that has now created a totally unpayable debt for America, all the better to enslave us with.  That's the government-approved road to prosperity and fairness for all.  What more clear warning could we want about any of these things than government's wholehearted endorsement?

So appreciate what your government is doing to you!  Sorry I meant "doing for you."  You just need to learn to use your decoder properly.  Then take that information and use it to take care of your family's health, your kids' education, and everyone's freedom.   Remember, government says they are taking care of you.  Use your decoder.  That means we're on our own.  We need to get back our health with natural means, educate ourselves about the realities of the world around us and remember the abilities we have to solve problems.  And we need to do it now.  We're all in this together so we need to cooperate instead of fighting with and hurting each other.  There are much higher priorities than arguing to attend to, and time is passing.  It would serve us to use it well.


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