4/26/15 - Don't Miss The FREE Vaccination Information - May Day Marathon (May 1st, 2015)

MayDay MarathonMay 1st, an amazing and important event is scheduled to take place, and I think you need to be there for it. Where do you need to be to participate? Anywhere you can access the internet. How much does it cost? Nothing. What is it's potential value to you? Actually priceless, as it could save your life, the lives of your family members and others you tell. What is the web site to go to? It is the Dr. Rima Truth Reports website. Who is behind this project? My long time friend Dr. Rima E. Laibow, her co-trustees for the Natural Solutions Foundation, and numerous friends, supporters and contributors to the event, many of whom are known worldwide in the effort to restore health freedom to people everywhere. Oh yes, one more thing. How much am I being paid to promote this event as widely as I am able? Nothing but the satisfaction of letting you know about it, which is more than enough. Please be there.

A decision has been made at the upper levels of the power structure that currently controls this planet. That decision is that in case you are not breathing in enough toxic metals and other poisons from the chemtrails, in case the fluoride in your water is not damaging your body fast enough, in case the GMO's in your food have not yet given you a deadly disease that has ruined your health, in case the nuclear fallout from all the leaking reactors and the Fukushima disaster is not taking you down efficiently enough, in case you are still somewhat in possession of your health and sanity in spite of all the organized assaults currently going on against you and those you care about (all originating from the exact same group of people at the top of the power structure), it is time to forcibly inject you with the required poisons in the name of preventative health care, and to do it by force (to save time and for your convenience and safety of course).

This decision is already being carried out worldwide, and in the U.S., the corrupt state legislators are proposing bills written for them by the mass murderers of the medical drug industry, which would make it impossible for you or your children to escape being injected with any chemical cocktail they put together for you, even if you try to protect your children by home schooling them. They want to come to your house with syringes and guns. This is really happening, and it's happening NOW (this is the sugar coated, toned down version I am giving you, but it is enough for you to get the general idea and then research the rest for yourself and decide your course of action).

Thanks to the incredible job being done by the mainstream government propaganda "news" media, most of the public does not even know this is coming. In fact, most of the public still believes the complete nonsense that vaccines prevent disease, when the reality is they have NEVER done so. If you need to see the documentation of the actual history of vaccines, watch the video Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination and read the books Dissolving Illusions and Vaccination Is Not Immunization. Then you will begin to understand the horrifying (real) history of this barbaric practice, as Gandhi famously called it.

Please help get the word out about this incredibly important event. We know most people have obligations can may not be able to hear the entire Marathon event live. But hearing the archive is easy and will fit your schedule. The lives of you and your family and loved ones are worth it.  I'll see you there!

P.S. If you see this article after the live event, go to the same web site and hear the archive. All the same life-saving information will be in your hands either way.



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