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Californians: Stop Small Cell Invasion - Stop SB 649


Take Action

SB 649 would steamroll local government's ability to regulate the placement of 5G wireless infrastructure in YOUR neighborhood.

The following is from Nina Beety- CA Activist- urging immediate action for those in California (warning-- similar bills moving ahead in other states as well):

Tomorrow (April 4th) is the SB 649 hearing in Sacramento. Below are contact phone numbers for Senators on the committee and more information.  
CALL THEM TODAY. You can find your state legislator online here.

Also include disability and discrimination against the disabled. If you experience disabling health problems from wireless radiation, tell them.

In Palo Alto, where these are being installed, equipment cabinets for each utility pole cell tower are the size of a post office mail bin.

CA SB.649 - Wireless telecommunications facilities Bill is the next step in this Wireless onslaught. The Rules committee approved the bill and assigned it to the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee and Senate Governance and Finance Committee for review. The Bill will then go to the Senate for a vote and through a similar process in the CA Assembly. We can get more organized for the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, but we would like to get as many as we can to show up on Tue April 4 at at 9:00 A.M. in CA Capitol Room 3191. Please send this to as many as you can.

Bill Sponsors
        Principal Author: Senator Ben Hueso (Chair), District 40, Chula Vista, CA,     916-651-4040
        Principal Co-Author: Assembly Member Bill Quirk, District 20, Hayward, CA 916-319-2020
        Co-Author: Senator Bill Dodd, Senate District 3, Santa Rosa, CA, 916-651-4003

Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee Members:
4035: Senator Ben Hueso (Chair), District 40, 916-651-4040
3056: Senator Mike Morrell (Vice Chair), District 23, Rancho Cucamonga, 916-651-4023
4085: Senator Steven Bradford, District 35, Inglewood, 916-501-4035
5082: Senator Anthony Cannella, District 12, Merced, 916-651-4012
4038: Senator Robert M. Hertzberg, District 18, Van Nuys, 916-651-4018
5035: Senator Jerry Hill, San Mateo, CA, 916-651-4013
5061: Senator Mike McGuire, District 2, San Rafael 916-651-4002
2059: Senator Nancy Skinner, District 9, Oakland, 916-651-4009
3070: Senator Henry I. Stern, District 27, Calabasas 916-651-4027
3082: Senator Andy Vidak, District 14, Fresno 916-651-4014
4066: Senator Scott D. Wiener, District 11, San Francisco, 916-651-4900

Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee Office
State Capitol, Room 4035
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4107
Fax: (916) 642-8979

This is from the last fight -- AB 57

Youtube: California Bill AB57 Testimony on Health Effects of Wireless, CA Senate Finance and Governance Committee 2015

Language in AB-57 That Threatens Public Health and Safety

"A collocation or siting application for a wireless telecommunications facility is deemed approved if the city or county fails to approve or disapprove the application . . . The Legislature finds and declares that a wireless telecommunications facility has a significant economic impact in California and is not a municipal affair as that term is used in Section 5 of Article XI of the California Constitution, but is a matter of statewide concern."

AB-57 ties local government's hands behind their backs and remove their capacity to provide due process. AB-57 is an unnecessary government gift to billion-dollar wireless companies, at the public's expense: damaging the public's health, safety and wallets.