5/10/15 - How Can They Hide Off-The-Chart Global Crimes In Plain Sight? What Is The Secret Camouflage Of The Power Elite?

Somehow, as the final stages of world meltdown occur and accelerate around us, most of the population, at least in the U.S., appear to be oblivious to what is going on.  Any observer with clear vision and common sense would find this almost impossible to believe.  Fleets of military and private contractor jets fly their patterns, criss-crossing the skies (sometimes even flying loops and figure-eights) right over the heads of the people, dumping vast amounts of toxic metals and other poisonous chemical mixes, irretrievably contaminating air, soil and water, causing lethal harm to all organisms in the biosphere.  They and their payloads as they are dropped and spread out to cover the sky, are in plain sight, while much of the population in America seems more interested in sending and receiving their iPhone texts.

The vast majority of foods now on grocery store shelves across America are not actually edible, having been contaminated with agricultural poisons, mutated unnaturally by genetic "engineering," and processed so that no trace of live nutrition remains to nourish those who buy them.  Likewise, water in major cities has been intentionally poisoned with fluoride chemicals (skull and crossbones on the packages of this material), chlorine compounds and numerous other poisons.

What passes for medicine now, while quite successful at repairing many traumatic injuries and various congenital defects, in the area of general health is an abysmal failure by design.  Controlled by powerful drug companies and their associated industries specializing in various invasive and detrimental "therapies," the medical industry has become the leading cause of death in America, as documented in the excellent paper "Death By Medicine," written by Drs. Gary Null and Carolyn Dean.

The "defense" industry, with the noble mandate to keep the people safe from foreign invasion (as a backup to the Constitutional militia made up of all able-bodied Americans), has been diverted from its true purpose, and is now a deadly tool of foreign invasion and occupation.  Its latest new job is apparently open assault against Americans at home, under the pretense of "homeland security."  Massive domestic military buildup is obvious preparation for what is to come, and the imminent "Jade Helm" exercise may be part of a setup for staged attacks against the military during this drill in order to justify attacking veterans, gun owners, Constitutionalists, patriots, survivalists and those living self-sufficient lives off the grid, who have been identified by mainstream media and military manuals as the highest priority enemy of our country.  Alex Jones, in his Sunday show today, is the first person I am aware of to publicly break down this possible scenario which makes logical sense based on extensive evidence that a major domestic conflict is a primary objective of those in control of America at this point in time.

Banks whose original job was supposedly to keep our money safe have now become the biggest grand theft organizations on the planet.  Working hand in hand with government, central banks devalue the currency by printing vast amounts of it with no real backing whatsoever, transferring actual wealth from the people that earn it to themselves and their own international organizations without any accountability to their victims.  Now they are moving us gradually toward a cashless society, again using the excuse of security or the perpetual fight against drug dealers and money laundering.  In the cashless society, any remnant of privacy or freedom will be a thing of the past, as the rulers will have completed their surveillance mechanism to monitor and control all of our personal financial transactions and activities, turning off an individual's ability to function from a centralized control center at will, in response to any activity or attitude they deem undesirable or contrary to their own agenda.

In a particularly egregious class of tyranny and terrorism, covered in last night's Lost Arts Radio broadcast, the organizations that are tasked with protection of children who are endangered in abusive families or work situations have morphed into a highly efficient global network of child trafficking, physical and emotional torture of children and their parents, breaking up families, cold-blooded and mercenary beyond what most people could comprehend.  Children are being kidnapped and stolen by this government agency in retaliation for people homeschooling their kids, refusing the vaccinate them (once they realize what vaccination actually is), and even for living off the grid, demonstrating a self-sufficient lifestyle that could spread the idea of freedom to others if not squashed quickly.

The list goes on, all of the above constituting outrageous acts of terrorism by the government-corporate partnership, against the people whom they supposedly serve and protect.  So the question is, how can this kind of atrocity develop and continue in plain sight, unseen by the vast majority of the population?  What is the magic camouflage being used by the power elite and their high level minions?  The answer, at least to a large extent, is that normal people cannot easily imagine the kind of malevolence behind these highly organized criminal activities being committed under color of law.  We have been conditioned since birth to believe without question that government is there to protect our rights and freedoms, while our favorite mega-corporations are working day and night just to satisfy our desires for a better life.  The idea that they could be working together consciously and intentionally for our demise is too much of a stretch of imagination for most people, and they go on assuming these entities are as benevolent as their commercials on television portray.

There is no doubt that the controllers at the top levels of the power elite have constructed an awesome and all-encompassing machine of terror and destruction, all the while telling us to watch out for any signs of terrorism in our communities and telling the authorities immediately if we see any, even spying on our neighbors to make sure they are not planning anything nefarious.  That's like telling us to notify the fox if the henhouse is getting raided.  What fools those at the top levels of control think all of us have become.  And in some ways, they are unfortunately correct.

The power structure that is moving relentlessly toward total global domination, control, and extermination, is certainly an amazing creation on the part of our rulers, and the persistence of its designers over the generations, required to reach this level of dominance, is impressive.  But with all the technical brilliance such an accomplishment demonstrates and proves, the global rulers are far more foolish than the rest of us in one critically important respect.  Just as we have for the most part not been able to see the machine of destruction they have been building for so many years right before our eyes, they also have been, and are still, unable to see what is wrong with their plan, the fatal weakness of their "Death Star," so to speak.

What is it that is so important, that our rulers and those who knowingly carry out their orders have failed to notice?  If you are among them and are reading this (or if you are just interested in where the "elite" have made their fatal mistake), pay particular attention, and be grateful for this chance to change your course accordingly while you still can at least partially compensate for your mistakes up to now.  There is an ancient law of Nature, vastly older than any philosophy or religion with which we are familiar in the current age.  It is simple, but powerful and profound.  What it says is this: whatever we do to or for anyone else, comes back to us multiplied.  It has been taught in many other wordings, such as "as ye sow, so shall ye reap," the law of Karma, and so many others.  But its essence and power are what matters, not how it is said.  There are ways to transcend its operation, but not at ordinary levels of consciousness, and not with any trace of ill will toward any life form anywhere.

So for those in power now, who are feeling very confident in how clever they have been to devise this nightmare of pain and extermination that is meant to engulf the rest of us, there are two choices from this point forward, and one of them is only open to those who even know there is a choice to make.  Those minions or controllers in the power structure who are reading these words, or other similar warnings that are to be found elsewhere, are among that fortunate minority of controllers who are aware that a choice exists.

The prodigal son story is not originally a religious account.  It is a parable of an ancient law which is not of human origin.  It explains that the forces of creation which hold this universe together are far beyond human concepts of justice, and are characterized instead by real unconditional Love.  If we stop where we are, realize the folly of knowingly causing pain to others, and reverse course, it is less and less necessary as time goes on, if we keep true to a life of love and service to humanity, for our own inner consciousness to put us through a lesson we will not enjoy.

We need to have enough wisdom to understand the importance of this law of Nature in our life.  Acts of kindness, service to others, love expressed to those who need our help, there is no need to ask for anything in return for such actions on our part, because the truth is we are serving ourselves.  Are we really so foolish to think that others are different from us in who they really are?  It really is true that on a deeper level, we are all members of one great family, even those of us who have gotten confused and been diverted into causing harm to others.  They can come back to sanity when they realize who they are.  But on a much more profound level of meaning, we are not just one family, we are one and the same Being, looking out at itself through all of our different eyes, seeing itself in different forms, having forgotten its real identity.

Humanity and the entire biosphere stand now on the edge of a precipice overlooking a bottomless pit.  We can turn back from the edge.  If you are working in any way to cause pain and harm to others, even if it is subtle, well-justified and not visible, known only to you, be grateful you have a chance right this minute to change that part of your life and action forever.  Hatred and dark energy, cold-blooded indifference to the plight of others, these things will bear their own fruits totally irrespective of how they are justified or what the perpetrators believe.  The power center that can heal the world, that can accomplish the most wonderful global changes, is not in any sophisticated strategy of external action, it is internal, inside each one of us, and is waiting for us to remember it and turn our attention within.  This does not mean inaction in the world, by any means.  It means clean what is inside you first, and do it 100% on all levels.  Those who fight out of hatred or malice, even for the "best causes" (in their own minds) will find you unstoppable if you carry the energy and vision of all you love in all that you do.  The simple challenge is this, for those that have the courage and persistence required to take yourself to the next level of consciousness: try it.


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