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Hey, Did You Read This Article In The New York Times?

Source: Organic Consumers Association

Ben and Jerry's icecream falling out of carton

Dear Friend,

On Tuesday this week, the New York Times broke our story on what happened when we had an independent lab test 11 samples of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

The short version? Ten ice cream samples tested positive for glyphosate, the key active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide.

The New York Times story spread far and wide. But it was just the start.

We need to force Ben & Jerry's to go 100% organic.

On August 10, OCA will sponsor #DumpBenandJerrys protests in six cities: New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Austin and Washington, D.C.

To make those protests successful enough to capture the attention of the media, and Ben & Jerry's, we need volunteers! (These protests will be fun! Costumes, drama, free ice cream!)

If you can help organize or participate in a #DumpBenandJerrys protest, please sign up using the links below:

Sign up to protest in New York

Sign up to protest in Chicago

Sign up to protest in Minneapolis

Sign up to protest in Los Angeles

Sign up to protest in Austin

Sign up to protest in Washington D.C.

Don't live in one of these cities? Stay tuned for information on how to organize a protest in your own community—we'll be rolling out details soon!

Is ‘just a little' glyphosate ‘safe'?

The New York Times was correct when it reported that the levels of glyphosate found in the ice cream samples are "far below the ceiling set by the Environmental Protection Agency."

But how safe are the EPA "safe" levels?  Not safe at all—especially for children—according to scientists who have conducted extensive studies on Monsanto's Roundup and glyphosate.

A recent (2017) study, led by Michael Antoniou at King's College (London) determined that rats that consumed very low doses of glyphosate each day showed early signs of fatty liver disease within three months.

As the New York Times reports, the rats in Antoniou's study consumed in a day an amount of glyphosate equivalent to a child's portion of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

Your child may not eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream every day—but with glyphosate turning up in so many foods, and in our drinking water, it's likely we're all ingesting this chemical, daily.

Ben & Jerry's doesn't just sell toxic ice cream. By sourcing its main ingredient, milk, from non-organic dairy farmers who feed their animals GMO corn and feed, Ben & Jerry's also contributes to poisoning waterways, degrading soil and hastening global warming—all the while masquerading as "socially responsible."

We need to get Ben & Jerry's attention—and keep it.

It's time for Ben & Jerry's to come clean. With your help, we won't let up until they do.

Thank you!

For Peace, Love, and Glyphosate-Free Ice Cream,
Katherine, Melinda, Kaare, Alexis, Patrick, Steve, Heather, Julie and Judy for the OCA Team

P.S. We plan to keep the pressure on Ben & Jerry's until the company goes organic. Can you donate to support this critical campaign? Thank you!