In-Show Featured Music

Below is a list of the independent artists whose music we feature each week on "Lost Arts Radio". Please visit their websites for more information, including how to purchase their music and support them. Artists can only keep making art with your invaluable support. Thank you!

Alan Phillips - Where Shamrocks Dare Not Grow

Alice BrightSky - "Pry Me Away"

Amy Elizabeth - "Roots"

Annelise Collette - "Stellar (Out Of This World)"

Antonio Resende - "Remembering Old Times"

Chet Nichols - "I Wish That I Could Heal"

Connor Vincent - "The Beat Of Your Drum"

Daniel Robinson - "Heroes In The Sky"

Danielle Taylor - "Better Together"

David McMullen - "Big Brother" and "Hold On"

Ed Roman - "Comin' My Way"

Ed Roman - "Electric Beauty"

Elizabeth Butler - "Love Over Logic"

Frank Falgares - "Into The Sky" and "Stay Human"

Gareth Icke - "What's Love Without Meaning"

Gregory Douglass - "Devotion"

Gregory Douglass - "Dream Come True"

Gregory Douglass - "Hang Around"

Gregory Douglass - "Wild"

Hicks - "I Belong To You"

Jellybean - "Love Is An Amazing Thing"

Jerry Day - "Welfare Clerk Blues"

Joe Matera - "Travelin' West"

John Michael Zov - "I Care About You"

John Worsham - "What To Take (And What To Leave Behind)"

Katie Garibaldi - "I Am"

Katie Hardyman - "I'm Only Sleeping"

Katie Hardyman - "So Beautiful" (feat. Liz Hewitt and Jarrod Sherman)

Karen and Sean Slavin - "Holding Out For Change"

Koreen Perry - "Lucky"

LJ Warren - "Sometimes"

Love Rain - "Greater Purpose"

Mary Segato - "Here Is My Life"

Melanie Ungar - "Deeper For You"

Mitch Siegal - "Save The World"

Nick Christian - "Rising" (feat. Melissa Otero)

Rob Cariddi - "A Dance With Angels"

Ryan Shergold – “You'll Never Know”

Sam Merkur - "What's It Gonna Take"

Steve Law - "Home"

Tamara L. Wilson - "Freedom Flame"

The Silvers - "Stand Up"

The Vogts Sisters - "Southern Summer"

The Wireless Mics Band - "Help Is On The Way"

Tzili Yanko - "Everlasting Love" and "Get Ready"

Victoria Celestine - "Something More"

Natural Clothing Company - LOSTARTS Discount Offer

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