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Private Sessions


Private Sessions for Life Transformation

Ancient healing knowledge for Body Mind & Spirit

Totally Authentic and Real, tailored to your unique needs

The full power of Self-Transformation is in your hands

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 Richard SacksRichard Sacks has been an independent health scientist since 1965, and more recently has also been doing a limited number of private consulting sessions, when his time allows. He is the founder and leader of Planetary Healing Club, a private forum for the sharing of information on health, forgotten laws of nature, and practical consciousness tools to facilitate life transformation ( Much of Richard's work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and "aging," by natural means, as well as how to maximize natural immunity.  He is currently conducting a University-approved study dealing with a natural protocol for cancer, while his own experimental research on optimum human potential continues. On a deeper level, he is an Essene Teacher, explaining principles of natural health and consciousness. He is an internationally known radio host (, and founder of the non-profit Lost Arts Research Institute, which has plans to build a school to demonstrate his discoveries that anyone may use for their own healing. The facility will be unlike anything else on the planet today (