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SHOW #323 - 2/28/21 - Dr. Bill Bengston

After Curing Cancer In An Animal Study: Dr. Bill Bengston's Latest Research Update

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 2/28/21

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Dr. Bill Bengston

When Dr. William Bengston ( visited with us on Lost Arts Radio in 2017 (, he shared the story of an amazing experiment, demonstrating the cure of cancer in mice, under laboratory conditions. Was he demonstrating the use of the latest toxic drug that caused the mice to go into temporary "remission" while destroying their long-term health and setting them up for multiple future diseases? That would have been the kind of "cure" the drug companies look for (any real cure is seen as suicide for their business model). Was he demonstrating how to mutilate the mice surgically, removing affected parts of their bodies, so they would appear "cured" until the disease emerged in the parts of the mouse bodies that were still left intact?

To borrow an inspirational phrase from our newly installed (not elected) CCP president, "come on, man." You must be thinking of the fake cures of conventional "medicine." No, what Dr. Bengston demonstrated on the mice was a cure accomplished by the focus, intent and consciousness of the researcher alone, with no physical contact between experimenter and mice, no drugging, no surgery, no radiation, no chemotherapy.

The results turned out to be repeatable with different mice and different technicians doing the experiment. It was one of a small handful of demonstrations I am aware of, showing the healing power of intention, without physical action, can actually change what we call physical "reality." If we had an honest mainstream media (television, radio, newspapers, etc.) and an honest medical industry, you would have seen the news of this experiment, it would have been headlines worldwide. But of course it was not covered. Our major media is under the control of and is the propaganda mouthpiece of, not just the medical drug and vaccine dealers but multiple criminal networks and mafias. If you want to find the real news, you have to find reliable sources elsewhere.

It struck me recently we should see if Dr. Bengston would be kind enough to return to the show with an update on his latest research. He agreed, and will be here to visit with us this Sunday. I think you will want to listen in on our discussion, and maybe you will also want to help us share the show to help overcome the censorship. All our shows are important, but this one should be of particular interest to anyone who is now, or will be in the future, connected to someone dealing with cancer. It will be of special interest also to anyone who realizes the limitless potential of consciousness itself to heal our world, by going right to the root of the wide array of problems, waiting on us to solve them.

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