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SHOW #362 - 11/28/21 - Maj Toure

Black Guns Matter Founder, Maj Toure - Deeper Issues For Healing Humanity (Part 1)

Lost Arts Radio Show on Sunday 11/28/21

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Maj Toure

I first saw Maj Toure (, the founder of Black Guns Matter (, on The Alex Jones Show about six-months ago ( I was impressed by the intelligence and wisdom Maj brought to the discussion, and his clarity in showing that guns are a tool for good or evil, depending on the consciousness of the person using the tool. Guns do not turn people into criminals, as our criminal mainstream media would have us believe. Instead, lack of the ability for self-defense can help turn people into slaves. Our right to self-defense and defense of others against harm was recognized by the American founders as one of an unlimited list of our Natural Rights given to all people everywhere by God. They are unalienable rights, and that means they cannot be taken away, no matter what "emergency" our rulers may choose to declare.

Right now, in most of the world, that concept of Natural Rights is being challenged. A highly organized, global assault against humanity is accelerating fast. The mass murderers in charge of the assault believe humans are no longer aware of their Natural Rights, and can be made to destroy themselves upon being ordered to do so by authority figures. They are using the fear of a declared "pandemic" as a means to justify the removal of Natural Rights, like the right to earn a living, the right to travel, the right to congregate with others, the right to gather for religious services, the right to free speech and more. The fact that, in this case, the "pandemic" is entirely false with no evidence a virus even exists ( is important, but secondary. The more important point is that even if the pandemic were real, no authority figure, even a "health" authority, has the right to take away any of our Natural Rights. Authorities in a free country can recommend we wear 'face diapers', stop making a living and hide in our homes, but they can't legitimately enforce any of these things. The fact that the present fake "pandemic" is also being used to justify injecting people with a "poisoned death shot" is an example of why this is true (

Maj Toure's organization is inspirational because it is about more than the importance of our right to self-defense ( It is about self-improvement, avoiding violence with a philosophy of de-escalation, and solutions for life. Now with life on our planet in danger of literal extermination, it's time to get into the deeper issues of how this situation can be turned around while there is still a chance to do so. Part One of the discussion is this Sunday, and I hope you'll be there. As one family of humans, it's time to help each other to heal our world.

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