SHOW #116 - 4/2/17 - Kent Heckenlively

Kent Heckenlively, attorney and author: Plague (with Judy Mikowitz) and Inoculated

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Kent Heckenlively

If you want to grasp the bigger picture of the issues central to the CDC fraud, exposed by whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, I think the most important book to read is Kent Heckenlively's Inoculated ( It reads like a mystery novel, which makes the information easy to absorb. The book covers much more than just the single concern of CDC covering up the link between autism and vaccines. It addresses the larger issue of crimes being committed by government agencies under color of law, a situation much more dangerous than crimes carried out by ordinary fraudsters acting alone. The full power and resources of the U.S. government have been used to support CDC fraud, paid for via taxes by the victims of the crime.

Trained as an attorney, author Kent Heckenlively pursues and develops the plot in Inoculated, not only in a way that keeps the reader's attention riveted on the story, but also in a logical manner like a prosecuting attorney weaving the story of a crime in front on a jury. No question remains as whether or not the U.S. government is lying to the American people, via CDC and the medical industry, that vaccines are safe. The "safe and effective" mantra is memorized by doctors and scientists in federally accredited centers of higher education, but the problem is, this statement is false.

What are the implications of this fact for the future of national and world health, since not only do vaccines cause massive harm to large numbers of those that receive them, mostly children, but it is now clear that government agencies like CDC cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Listen in on our discussion this coming Sunday on Lost Arts Radio, as we explore this and other pressing issues that will affect you and people you care about, in the years immediately ahead.

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