What Are The Lost Arts?

water ripple and ancient fallen treeThe lost arts are all parts of the larger overall art, of living in harmony with nature and with all life, within and outside of ourselves. The details and memory of many of these arts are gone beyond recall now, until the consciousness that made them originally available returns to our awareness. There are some though, that are just now on their final way out of our world, and they might still be brought back into more common use. They are the basic ways of life based on beauty, harmony and deeper experiential understanding (as opposed to just belief systems and theory).

Regaining and maintaining our normal state of good health on all levels has the best chance of success when we become aware of and use those almost-lost arts that we can still re-learn. Most of the problems of the physical body, emotions, mind and spirit, can be addressed when those arts are remembered. Their wider application in everyday life could transform our world.

On a more mundane level, we can also see that basic arts and crafts of survival and beautification of life that were once widespread are now endangered or extinct as well. Sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and related ideas of the modern world, many basic skills like production of clothing, shoes, tools, pottery, glassware, even the growing of health-giving food, have come close to disappearing from the individual or small business domain, though there are still many individuals among us, doing what they can to keep them alive. When we become dependent on high-tech solutions, whether for health or for other basics of life, our security, self-reliance and self-awareness begin to disappear.  We become easy prey for those that would control and direct our lives through our dependency on "experts" and things outside of ourselves, losing our health and the memory of what we once knew. Often we hear this is for our safety, convenience, or protection, but we may not realize the price we pay for imagining that those who control our world are there to take care of us and direct our lives in a healthy way.

Lost Arts Research Institute and the Harmony Project

As a non-profit public charity, Lost Arts Research Institute was created to remind as many people of all ages as possible, what is our true birthright of knowledge as human beings, and how we can begin again using it to help us heal the world. The work of the Institute is carried on through one-on-one consulting, presentations, classes, workshops and demonstrations, wherever and whenever they can best reach those who need them. Any of the above can take place either physically or virtually through electronic media.

In the planning stages now, is a physical facility where an extraordinary level of life harmony, within and outside of us, can be experienced directly.  All food and energy (advanced Earth-friendly power generation systems) used at the facility will be produced on site, using low-tech but highly advanced knowledge of life processes that is older than our current understanding of mankind's history. Buildings will be constructed from Earth materials, allowing round the clock grounding of everyone on the site. No wi-fi, power grid connections or other toxic technologies will be employed, and none will be needed. Food will be grown in accordance with ancient harmonic principles, and the old knowledge of healing will be brought to life. The whole being of every person on the premises as well as those we reach via electronic media will be the focus of teaching. Old wisdom will open up forgotten ways of taking human interaction to levels not commonly seen on our planet for a long time.

Our normal state of being is not just good health and ageless vitality. It is a condition beyond memory of most of us, something we may never have heard of. The Lost Arts Research Institute facility will not be a medical facility.  If you need drugs, surgery, other scientific invasive treatments, diagnosis, treatment or management of any disease, please see your own medical doctor who will provide all of these and more for you. The Lost Arts Research Institute Harmony Project will simply re-introduce you to some of the ancient tools that were used to bring back ageless health and high energy, long ago. The Project is meant to be a gift from your Self and the original Source you came from, with Love, to you. May you make use of it as you will, and be blessed.

The Essene Gospel of Peace, volume 1: a message from the founder of Lost Arts Research Institute

tree with lightI have been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965. Originally motivated by the desire to solve my own serious health issues by harmless natural means, my studies and experimental work led me to an ancient document called The Essene Gospel of Peace in 1975. Volume 1 of this several volume series turned out to be a beautifully written explanation of laws (or design principles) of nature that could be used for self-healing on all levels of our being. You can hear it as an audio book, below, or read it free at http://www.essene.com/GospelOfPeace/peace1.html. To me, this is not a religious book (as the name might imply), but more of a historical account of some events that took place over a several week period, thousands of years ago.

When I first read this book, I felt like I was reading a description of a time and experience I had already lived through in the distant past. I found so much value and depth of meaning in volume 1 of this work that it has kept my attention ever since. Though I remember the first time I read it like it was a few days ago, it has been more than 40 years now, at the time of this writing. Through extensive trial and error (and I mean lots of error, for which I have paid a price), combining the material in the Essene Gospel with other work in meditation, clarification of old memories and work with other natural health teachers in our present time, I gradually put together a way to use ancient wisdom and adapt it to modern conditions. Those wanting to upgrade their own health and consciousness by natural means can use it to access tools of potentially great value, which they may not have known about before.

I think it's important to let you know also, that while I have been privileged to gain a large amount of life-transforming information and experience in my work of the last many decades, I remain in reality an absolute beginner with this material, compared to what there is still to learn. There are others who know vastly more about health and consciousness than I do.  We will all one day reach their level of understanding, and much more. We are all guaranteed to get there, because of who we all really are. Which paths we choose to find our ultimate destination is completely up to us, though on another level, all these things have already been decided, we just have yet to discover what is waiting for us. My interest is in sharing with you whatever parts of what I have found that may be useful to you. All aspects of the work of Lost Arts Research Institute, from the private consulting to classes, workshops, presentations, other special events, and even the building of the Harmony Project physical facility, are meant to facilitate this sharing of tools and experience we can use to heal ourselves and in the act of just doing that, we will have a profound healing affect on the world around us.


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