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butterflyLost Arts Research Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity. Its purpose is to offer a connection to the ancient wisdom, reversing disease and "aging," by learning the laws of nature, and living in harmony with them.

Healing ourselves is the first step to healing the world around us. The simple and powerful ways to do this have been largely forgotten, but they still work today, and can be learned as easily as they were thousands of years ago.

The laws, or design principles of nature, have not changed since the Earth and humanity began. Following them leads to a level of health, high energy and internal sense of well being and joy that most of us have not experienced up to now in our lives. Lost Arts Research Institute was founded to teach the use of these forces of healing in everyday life, for results that can seem miraculous, but really just reflect our forgotten normal state of being. Eventually we are all destined to rediscover who we really are, and all of our original abilities will come back. Lost Arts Research Institute is here to help start that process now.

Ultimately, as soon as financial resources allow, a major educational facility will be created, where life in harmony with these ancient laws will be demonstrated, and the healing power of nature experienced directly. Until then, programs of the Institute will include one on one private sessions, group classes, workshops and other events. Questions and communications can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About myself, Richard Sacks, founder of the Institute

First, to clarify any misunderstanding on the issue, since I am calling myself an "independent holistic health scientist," I want to explain to you what I mean by that term. Nowadays, scientists are certified by government-controlled educational institutions. When they complete various programs of study, they emerge with degrees like bachelor of science, master of science or doctor of philosophy in various subjects. Scientists tend to specialize in very narrow fields of study, and much of their study relies on information from government institutions or agencies, combined with articles in scientific journals, along with the scientist's own investigations and re-examinations of such information. A lot of valuable information does come from this type of science. But it has some serious limits and flaws.

In modern times, science and research are heavily influenced by huge and powerful commercial and government interests, such as the drug industry (called "medicine"), the chemical industry, the armaments industry, etc. Very often when scientists are trained and experienced in very narrow specialties, they can be so immersed in their particular work that they seem oblivious to the broader context and implications of the research and experiments they do and the discoveries they make.

Not all the scientists who work developing GMO's, nuclear weapons, the nuclear power facilities, deadly medical drugs, food additives that turn edible foods into disease causing pseudo-foods, etc. are intentionally doing anything harmful. Many are very dedicated and believe they are serving humanity. But their narrow, specialized vision has made many of them unaware of the great harm they are causing to people in the general public that trust them.

Another Kind Of Science

My vision of science is more old fashioned. I have an understanding that real science is based on keen observation of the worlds around us and within us, noticing patterns in what we observe and seeking to understand what these patterns mean. The next step is to confirm through experiments if the conclusions drawn and theories considered hold up under testing. If they do, then the point is to use them in some way for service to humanity, giving people tools they can use to improve their lives, and understanding that can help them in some way dealing with everyday life in the real world.

Although I am also involved in the conventional world of higher education, and currently with the writing of a PhD dissertation on the natural and holistic cure of cancer with a major institution of higher learning, I would like to think of myself as this latter kind of scientist. Many men and women with advanced degrees in our current educational system have gone on to do great harm to the world in a myriad of ways, often thinking they were just doing their best in the work they did. In my view, real scientists would never knowingly take part in the use of their knowledge for destructive ends. And just as important, they would be aware of the difference, not oblivious to the ultimate effects their work would produce.

To me, a real scientist is motivated by compassion and a desire to serve and contribute to the well being of all life on Earth, humans and the rest of the biosphere. To do this, broad understanding is required, in order to minimize the chances of unforeseen bad effects.

The Beginnings Of My Explorations In Science

I began my work as a holistic health research scientist in 1965 at the age of 15, motivated by a wide range of physical health problems of my own, and by watching them get worse under the best of standard medical care. My first health teacher was an exceptionally talented healer, Dr. J.C. MacKimmie, D.C., then located in San Carlos, California. Dr. MacKimmie's inspiring and fascinating book, The Presence of Angels: A Healer's Life, can be found on Amazon here.

From Dr. MacKimmie, I learned that my theory that the body is designed to heal itself was indeed correct, and I got my first instructions on how to experience this phenomenon directly. Excited by the discovery of what happens in the body when refined carbohydrates and foods grown with agricultural chemicals and poisons are no longer consumed, I went on for many decades building on this knowledge, studying with many incredible teachers, gradually learning the means to reverse chronic disease and so-called "aging," and confirming each step with personal experiments including transforming my own body. Now in my mid 60's, I would compare my everyday energy level to that of a healthy 25 year old. I have not been sick for decades, and I don't experience what we call normal aging. But this should not be unusual, it is our normal condition, so looking at the out of control disease and medical drug addiction rampant in America, if we are even slightly aware, we should be asking what is wrong with this picture.

The purpose of this web site, the work of the Institute, and the physical facility currently in planning stages, is to share information gained over almost 50 years of constant exploration and experimentation, with anyone interested in breaking free of complete dependence of the modern medical system and health care system, except in special cases like major accidental injuries. My belief is that if we can get closer to the real potential of our physical bodies and the sense of well being and natural joy that is our normal state, this will also help us to accomplish more in all other areas of life as well.

I believe in getting and staying high on life, and I understand why people try to accomplish this with drugs, or with ego power trips, pride in their wealth and so many other things that don't end up delivering what we're really after, which is to feel good and experience life at its best. The good news is, the power to feel like that is already inside us, and there are specific actions we can take to get back to it, and to revolutionize our lives. Once you get back to this state, there is nothing left to debate, nothing to really worry about, but a lot that you want to do, because you naturally want everyone else to have the same joy that you do.

Roots In The Garden

In 1967, as a young university student, I had the great fortune to meet and work with Alan Chadwick, the visionary founder in America of what is known as "French Intensive Horticulture."  I met and began working with Alan before he became widely known to the public.  This expanded my study of health out into the environment and into the arena of food production and the universe of life contained within healthy soil. I have been deeply involved in organic gardening and farming and our whole life support system built into the natural world, ever since.

My studies in nature, both within and outside of the human body, led me then to an in-depth study of the economic and political power structure that controls most of the world we live in today. I spent many years studying what is going on in the world of that power structure, in order to see how I might best interact with that system to make a contribution from what I had learned. I must say, that part of my investigations, which is still ongoing, was and is as amazing as what I learned about nature and health, but shall we say, less inspiring. I learned the details of the incredible evil that fills so many high level positions of power today, offsetting the brilliant good that so many great people are doing. It became clear to me what many ancient and modern sages have meant when they called this a world of duality (opposites like light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil, etc.).

The desire to understand what could be done in this type of situation and environment led me into deep internal explorations and on trips over several continents looking for master teachers of life. I was not interested in theorists, labels of any kind, or those who had memorized a religion or philosophy, but in people from any background or nationality that had experienced deep levels of consciousness beyond ordinary perception and could help expose what a human being's real potential might be. I found answers in the places I least expected and from the least pretentious of teachers who bore no special costumes or labels, only the deep presence of awareness and something modern science has yet to appreciate, that I can only call unconditional love.

To Share Some Time With You

So here's the bottom line: I'm no one any more special than anyone else. Though I may soon have the "prestigious" title of PhD from a major university if I am actually allowed to finish my dissertation on the natural cure of cancer, it really does not matter. I do not present myself here as an authority, because I believe that the sole authority, for your life, should be you.

I've been on a long quest for experience and understanding, and I'd like to share what I have learned with you. Not really as a teacher or from any official position or title, but only as a friend. I want you to have the best tools to use in your life, and to become as empowered and confident in yourself as possible. Even if you end up disagreeing with all that I might share with you, great.  Even then, I just encourage you to be true to yourself, believe in yourself, relax inside and detach from your fears and worries. The clarity you get will allow you to be all you really are and get the most from your life while you inspire others to do the same. You are an incredible, beautiful, brilliant and creative being. It is my honor and privilege to share some time and experience with you.

Richard SacksRichard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965. Much of his work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and "aging," by natural means. Now he teaches principles of natural health, is an internationally known radio host, and does a small number of one on one consulting sessions for those wanting to upgrade their health on all levels, working with clients in areas of health and consciousness.  Communications to Richard should be addressed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All emails will be read and responded to as time allows.

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