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Dear Lost Arts Research Institute Friend,

On this page, you have a chance to see for yourself what we intend to build as an educational and healing center. Eldamar will be an amazing place, providing a safe and supportive environment for those that want to carry on their own healing program and life renewal retreat. Eldamar will be set up to support specific live-food and juice fasting programs that large numbers of people have already used successfully to overcome their own serious or even incurable conditions, or just to turn back the clock on their own "aging," and begin life anew. We will not be offering any medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure for any condition. For that, you are advised to consult your chosen medical professional. What we will offer is an environment of love, safety and support, unique in the world, where you can experience your own self-applied life makeover retreat, selected from the optional protocols that Eldamar can support, among friends that care about you.

At the same time, you will have access to incredible educational resources in the fields of health, consciousness and natural living, that you can use to begin an exciting adventure of discovery and renewal. You can use Eldamar to help you start everything fresh. Part of the money raised from tuition paid by guests will go to a scholarship fund, so that we can offer those without adequate resources to afford a stay at Eldamar the chance to come enjoy its benefits, and share what they learn with others after their stay. We will also offer a wide variety of online classes and workshops for those who cannot come to Eldamar in person. These online offerings will feature information that can change and save lives, including new ways to produce healthy food for income, or just for your own use as well as other ways to prosper using holistic, organic home businesses during this time of economic distress and manipulated collapse. We hope you will see the incredible implications of a place like Eldamar operating in the U.S. for the benefit of people everywhere, to remind all those in need of vital information, that powerful healing answers already exist, waiting for you to learn and use them. Let us know what you think of our plans, and we wish you the best of good fortune on your own journey of lifelong discovery.

Richard Sacks, Founder
Lost Arts Research Institute and Eldamar Retreat

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