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Thank you so much for coming to visit our site. I'd like to tell you about the special mission of Lost Arts Research Institute. There is an epic drama unfolding right at this moment on planet Earth. It is not a science fiction movie or an action adventure fantasy, it is real. Are you one of the ones who know?

Our World In The Balance

Humanity is in immediate peril. That is no exaggeration. But all life on our planet, the whole biosphere, is in danger as well. If I stopped now, could you tell me some of the details of the threats we face? I think you could tell me many of them. In truth we are surrounded, besieged by attackers. They are deadly dangerous, but we also are not helpless, though we have forgotten our real power for good. And our attackers are counting on us staying asleep so they can complete their plans. Whether we sleep, or get up and reclaim the life and beauty of our world, is entirely up to us. We have unlimited healing force at our command, and we always have. But the ways to awaken our power, to use it for our protection and for the restoration of our world, these things have become lost arts, faded beyond memory, into the mists of time.

The attacks we face take many forms. I'm going to mention a few of them here, but this is not to upset you. It is only to review what we really face. Don't worry, because then I'm going to tell you about some powerful tools we can use to bring back the beauty and harmony that are natural to this incredible world we live in. And worry has never helped anyone to achieve anything worthwhile. But it's going to take some focus and work on our part. We're going to have to care enough to act. Now let's take a minute and review what we're dealing with here.  I'll just hit a few of the high points, and I'm sure you'll get the picture. If anything, I am understating the threats we actually face.

A Few Of Our Challenges

Thousands of high-altitude jet aircraft are spraying us with toxic metals, plus biological and chemical agents of war, almost daily. No this is not a "conspiracy theory," though I wish it were. It is now documented fact. Our food supplies have been hijacked and altered so they now cause disease and degeneration. Our water supplies have been intentionally poisoned with acids called "fluoride," as well as other contaminants. Clean and free energy sources, that could provide electricity and transportation for everyone, have been hidden, leaving us to depend on sources that pollute and poison our planet and ourselves.  Technologies we use every day, like cell phones and wireless devices, have been specifically designed to harm us as we use them, trusting that our governments and corporations have made them safe.

Products we put on our bodies, like shampoo, hair color, makeup and cosmetics, are also made to harm us. This is not some kind of oversight or mistake, all those things could easily be made to be safe and healthy. Even our clothes themselves have become "glyphosate patches" that we wear, poisoning us through our skin, the same way that birth control patches and nicotine patches put chemicals into our blood.

Television brings us fake news delivered by special actors, so that we won't understand what is happening in the world, and will always blame the wrong villains for the problems we are shown. Our predictable reactions are being engineered. Fake "science" reports give us the wrong information on how nature and our bodies work, and most entertainment is programmed with messages we don't even notice, to keep us unaware of what is going on around us. Our medical system puts people back together with great skill after accidents, or in the case of the few actually necessary surgeries, and in these cases it saves lives. But in the area of health and disease, it is a disaster, and the medical industry has become the number one cause of death in America (see "Death By Medicine," by Dr. Gary Null and Dr. Carolyn Dean, available as a free pdf at http://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf), addicting ever more of us to medical drugs, and often progressing to cutting out organs when the drugs have done their damage. Old age is not supposed to be a hellish experience. The body is designed to stay in good condition until we are done with it after this lifetime. This simple truth and how to experience it has been hidden from us, and not just for money.

We have an "educational" system to keep us focused on distractions, and teaching us how to be mentally and emotionally disturbed, divided against each other, and out of touch with what used to be common sense. Economically, we are now under the control of central banks, whose purpose is to transfer the natural wealth of each country from the people who earn and create it, into the hands of those who own and run the global banking system. In that process, the people of each country become destitute and dependent on their rulers, unable to run their own lives, in spite of the incredible resources those countries possess.

Our Servants Have Decided They Own Us

The top power positions in government and industry have attracted people who want to control and harm others, and get their satisfaction from causing pain and death. We have gone far from the original American ideal of individual freedom to live as we choose, with government there to protect that freedom. The inherent freedom to live as we choose as long as we allow others the same right and mutual respect, belongs not just to Americans, but to all people everywhere. Now the malevolent individuals in power are moving toward world war, and destruction of every part of normal life. This is not because they are incompetent, it is their clear intent, and has been their purpose for a long time. At the top levels of power, they worship destruction and death, and consider that we are their legitimate prey. Their ultimate objective is not our enslavement, it is our extermination. Sorry to be blunt, but this is the clear conclusion from twenty years of my own research, and numerous others have come to the same understanding.

We Do Have Options

We have a choice in how to respond to this serious situation. Most people are not aware of it, because they get their news from television, and they can't imagine the magnitude of the real conspiracy against humanity. Most of the people who suspect this might be true, don't really want to look at it completely, or think about it too much, because it is just too scary for them. That is totally understandable, and no one should blame them for that reaction. The public has been conditioned by our rulers to respond with fear for millennia, because it makes us weak and controllable.

But there is another option we have, another way we can respond. We have heard of great heroes and heroines in times past, who were not slaves to their fears. They may have been afraid, but they went ahead anyway, because submitting to tyranny in any form was not an acceptable choice. Every bit of courage and wisdom that the great people of the past had, we have now, every single one of us. It has been forgotten, trained out of our conscious minds, but it is still there. The lost art of living from a deeper wisdom, letting our innate inner guidance lead us through life, must be remembered, and revived. We can do that. If we get back in touch with the full extent of healing power that every one of us has, there is no way our rulers can keep us enslaved and controlled. At the very top levels of the power structure, they know that, and it is why they are now accelerating their efforts and programs to shut us down completely before a critical number of us become self-aware in the real sense of the word.

Start With Your Health

Getting that awareness and that power back is a step-by-step process. It works the best when we start with taking care of our health and energy status. We are not supposed to know that there are laws and "design principles" of nature, that can be used to eliminate disease and most of what is called "aging." These have been taught by those who knew them, all the way back to the beginning of humans on this planet. The same laws work now. I spent the last 40 years working to adapt them to the current conditions we live in and have to deal with. I am not the only one who has done this. These laws are no one's property, but they can be freely used by anyone to heal almost anything, especially if not too much damage has been done, and the knowledge is deep enough.

The Same Tools From Long Ago Still Work Now

leaf with water dropI founded the Lost Arts Research Institute to make these ancient laws of nature accessible to anyone with a willingness to apply them in his or her life. This could make healing available to all of us, and we are free to follow it as far as we are interested to go. The exciting thing is that physical healing and harmony with that level of nature is only the first step. It can be life-changing in itself, to be freed from disease and pain we thought we would never escape. But there is much more.

Healing yourself by harmonizing your life with the laws of nature is not like using drugs in the modern medical system. There are no bad effects. The brain becomes very clear when the rest of the body is in balance and the bloodstream is clean and full of necessary nutrients and life energy. Then forgotten abilities start to come back. Early in this process, creativity and direct perception start to increase. I have yet to find limits of where this can go. The more powerful levels can only be reached by those who wish well for all life, for everyone. They do not wish to harm "bad" people, they wish to wake them up and bring them back to sanity, to make them allies in healing the world. When it grows, this is a power the negative hierarchy cannot match or resist. They know there is a danger of some critical number of us reaching this state soon, and they must stop us now. This is the reason for their accelerating campaigns, from chemtrail spraying ("geoengineering" is their term) to GMO foods to mandatory vaccines that will disable and kill millions. They see it as their last hope and final chance to enslave and exterminate us. But they can never completely win, because we are not really the weak, temporary, helpless beings they tell us we are. We come from a Source beyond comprehension, a light that is all pervasive, always there, just behind the thin veil of darkness that our controllers and our own forgetfulness hold over our eyes. We are guaranteed to prevail in the end.

Lost Arts Research Institute is here to bring back the knowledge we all used to have. Starting with the basics of harmony with natural law, organic food production, technology designed to support health not destroy it, ancient ways of using daily life to make us stronger and more aware, adapted to conditions we live in now, moving gradually on, to reawakening of the deep knowledge and inner guidance built into the consciousness of each of us. The means exist to heal our world, clean the oceans and the land, give us electric power and transportation without pollution or expense, and much more. Disease and degeneration are not our normal state at all, and getting back in touch with how nature works can enable us to enjoy a high energy and deeply satisfying life as we learn the spiritual lessons we came here for. I have seen it as have others. Many have gone far beyond what I have done, but they are not widely known.

The Lost Arts Project Becomes Visible To The World

Most of the last five decades of my own research and experiments have been out of the public eye, quiet and below the radar, so to speak. But when I was asked to start the radio show, I knew that time was over. Even though I have put together pieces of the puzzle we are not ever supposed to understand, and my personality wanted to stay invisible, I knew it was time to be seen. So if that's what must be in this phase, my wish is that it help as many people as possible. There are too many all over the world living impossible lives in great distress and pain.

Let's get together and give them what they need, the vision of a better life, backed up with the tools and understanding to make it happen. Let's spread the specific information that can help people learn how to care for themselves and become independent of the "experts" and the system. Every person has the right to be free, and then such free individuals can cooperate with each other in mutual respect, to build a new civilization, and new society not based on fear.

The information is available now, to solve our health issues inexpensively, without high tech interventions, drugs or other harmful procedures. The information is available now to heal the Earth, to bring back our farmland to its normal healthy state without any synthetic chemicals, and even to clean up the air that is being poisoned by our rulers every day. We have vastly more power than those who wish to destroy us, we just need to connect back to it, learn what we need to learn, and then be willing to do our healing work. Light and harmony can come back to the world. The person who can bring it back, is you. Lost Arts Research Institute exists to help you remember how.

You Are The Heart Of This Project

Join us, help us realize this dream as quickly as possible. People are suffering that we could help ("my people die for lack of knowledge"). If you are struggling for money as the economy is systematically destroyed by our rulers, don't worry, just help us by telling others about the work we have to do. If you have the resources, help us financially as much as you can. This will allow us to expand the reach of our educational work, and to build the first of its kind educational center for life transformation and the return of harmony on all levels, step by step. We don't need the Hell on Earth our rulers are working for.

Building The School

As soon as we have enough money to begin building the school, the most exciting phase of the work will begin. Our vision is of a place where people can come to learn the forgotten laws of nature that we taught so long ago. The facility will be incredible, and we have all the details now. All energy and food used will be produced on site. Architecture and technology will be very advanced by also very "low tech," in harmony with nature. Entering the property will be like crossing into another dimension of existence. People will feel the change by stepping across the boundary. What they learn inside the facility will empower them to find healing and remember things they knew in times long ago. Lives will be changed forever. These will be seeds planted for the renewal of the world. Visitors will learn the steps to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual renewal, much like they were taught thousands of years ago. And they will immediately start to use those steps, and experience the results, then and there. They will go home with the tools and experience they need to begin a chain reaction of world healing. It is dangerous to dare teach this knowledge in the present-day U.S. as it is in many other places now, so we actually need your prayers and good wishes to help keep us safe, and keep the project alive. Real information in these areas is forbidden. Those at the top of the power structure will recognize what we are doing. But these powerful truths can no longer be kept hidden, and all traces of fear must be released. If this effort is meant to be protected, it will accomplish its purpose. It will be the best we can give, the best of our hearts and love.

Share In This Special Energy By Helping Us

Acquiring the funds to build this unique school is the biggest need for money by the Institute at this time. We invite you to be part of making it happen. The results will save and uplift countless lives, long after our current form of money is no more. If your heart resonates with this ambitious project and what we have in mind to do, you are invited to play your part. Help us with funds if your circumstances and resources allow. If you are in financial difficulty, do not donate money, just help us with your prayers and please tell others. That way you will share in the energy we are creating. All donations to Lost Arts Research Institute are fully tax deductible. There is a need for this facility to be up and running as soon as possible, so we hope you can support our work. We can only realize the full vision, with your help.

All We Have Is Right Now

Time is passing my friend. Take good care of yourself so you can set an example to inspire others. Doing that is more powerful than just talking. If you want to help us expand our educational work, so this unique knowledge can help to heal the world, and if you have the financial resources to make it possible, please be part of our support team, and help us as generously as you can. On behalf of all those in need, who know there is much more to learn but do not know where the answers they need will be found, we thank you. I personally thank you from my heart.

Dr. Richard A. Sacks, Ph.D.
Host of Lost Arts Radio
Independent health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and private health consultant
Founder, Lost Arts Research Institute and Planetary Healing Club

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